Kamedis Clinical Study Validates Traditional Chinese Botanical Efficacy in Eczema Treatment

Kamedis Clinical Study Validates Traditional Chinese Botanical Efficacy in Eczema Treatment

Lana Lindstrom

New findings about traditional Chinese botanicals have been found to improve eczema symptoms. The product, Kamedis Calm Eczema Therapy Cream, is available over the counter and uses naturally sourced Chinese botanicals to heal eczema. This is very exciting news for eczema sufferers who are searching for a natural solution to put their symptoms at ease.

Kamedis is a botanical skin care line with products ranging from acne care, dandruff protection, and eczema creams. Originally formulated in Israel in 2014, the brand is new to eczema skin care but their study does release some groundbreaking results.

The double blind study found that the natural Chinese botanicals were 44% more effective at treating eczema rashes compared to other Kamedis products without the Chinese botanicals. This unique formula has not been tested for treatment against eczema until now. The results come from a 28 day study of over 100 participants who used this cream daily. The study also uncovered a 6.8% improvement in eczema scarring compared to an average 4.7% improvement without the unique botanicals.

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Roni Kramer, the founder of Kamedis explains the results by saying, "We’ve known for more than a decade that our combination of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs help restore damaged skin to health, but the validation in this study is a significant milestone for the company as well as for the millions of people who suffer from eczema. The results demonstrate that ingredients from nature still play a major role in our search for healing”.

It is important to note that while the success rates for this cream are exciting, not every eczema treatment works for all. Consult with your doctor before using this product. The product is now sold worldwide and is available for purchase. Their products are free of chemicals, dyes, parabens, and have both prebiotic and antibiotic properties.

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