It's Eczema Awareness Month - Here's What's Happening

It's Eczema Awareness Month - Here's What's Happening

Elizabeth Scott

October is National Eczema Awareness Month and if you suffer with eczema it's an excellent time to get to know some helpful resources. Whether you’re an adult suffering with eczema or have a child or someone you care for with eczema, knowing where to turn for accurate and helpful information can be a turning point in the disease. Below we list some happenings that could make a difference in your fight against eczema.

National Eczema Association website is the first stop.

  • Coming up soon on October 18th is a free webinar called How to Feel Well When You Don’t Feel Well: The Brain Body Connection. Everyone talks about the itching and physical discomfort of eczema but what about your mental health. This will be a discussion on ways to identify and combat the emotional challenges of eczema.
  • Facebook live chat October 31st with NIAMS about eczema and Mental Health
  • Share a photo daily with the Johnson and Johnson Donate a Photo app about your journey with eczema. Get your story out there and Johnson and Johnson will donate $1.00 for every photo shared to your charity of choice.
  • If you’re active on Twitter or Instagram, help raise awareness by using the Eczema Awareness Month hashtags: #eczemamonth and #bewellmindandbody.
  • Check out This month the site shares ways to raise awareness, and this site is rich with helpful articles about living with eczema.

Help others by sharing these resources on social media to raise awareness. Your post may help someone else out there struggling. 

Let us know if you have an eczema resource you would like us to share.  

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