Itchy Leg, Feet and Ankle Eczema?  AD RescueWear to the Rescue!

Itchy Leg, Feet and Ankle Eczema? AD RescueWear to the Rescue!

Anne Fairchild McVey

Does Your Child Have Leg Eczema? 

Is It Causing Constant Scratching and Sleepless Nights? AD RescueWear is Here to Help!

Please see the below photo of this 5 year old child that gets eczema on the back of his legs.

His mother said the back of his legs are his eczema flare spot in the winter and during allergy season. 

Proper Tools for Leg Eczema:

Either the AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe Suit or the Bottoms depending on the age of your child. You will also need the AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe Sleeves. Visit to purchase.

You will also need Vaniply. Vaniply can be purchased at most Walgreens or CVS pharmacies or many on-line stores. You can also purchase Vaniply at

Once you have your supplies you will need to:

1. Soak your child in the tub in lukewarm water for 10-20 minutes. If you are in a hurry and can't deal with the soak at least shower or bath the child as usual.

2. Pat your child dry and immediately seal your child's skin with Vaniply. Make sure to really coat the affected area. I say immediately because that seals the moisture into the child's skin from the tub. Don't wait, just pat dry and seal.

3. Soak the AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe sleeves in warm water and gently wring out and slip on to the affected area of your child's legs.

4. Apply the AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe Suit or Bottoms dry over the damp sleeves.

This parent put the damp AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe sleeves under the dry Wrap-E-Soothe bottoms on her child once during the day and once at night before bed on the 1st day. Please see the photo below.

Please see the photo from these two treatments the next morning.

The parent did a 3rd treatment that 2nd night with a bath and the Vaniply, then the damp Wrap-E-Soothe sleeves and the dry Wrap-E-Soothe bottoms. Here is a photo of day 2.

Hurray! What a wonderful photo. To bad it doesn't also show the smiles on the mom and little boy. Without the AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe products they might be frowning. It's all about the tools. Wet wrap therapy is amazing for eczema. AD RescueWear makes it so quick, easy and comfortable for you and your child. Find some relief for your eczema at AD RescueWear.

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We would love to rescue you and your child from the misery of eczema through wet and dry wrap therapy.