Itchy Arm and Elbow Eczema?  AD RescueWear to the Rescue!

Itchy Arm and Elbow Eczema? AD RescueWear to the Rescue!

Anne Fairchild McVey

Does your child have stubborn eczema on their arms? The arm creases, inside the elbows and on the elbows are common places for eczema.  Does it cause constant itching and sleepless nights? AD RescueWear to the Rescue!

Please see a photo of arm eczema on a baby.

The arm eczema typically starts in the crease where the arm bends but then can spread across the whole arm.  This itchy eczema on this baby probably keeps the whole family up at night.  How to soothe this itchy eczema?  Wet wrap therapy is a proven treatment for eczema and has been recommended by doctors for over 20 years.  It is a wonderful treatment for infant, baby and child eczema because it greatly decreases the need for topical steroids.  Topical steroids have side effects and should only be used when all other treatment options have failed.  Recent research reports an average reduction in eczema and eczema symptoms by 70% in just 5 days of treatment.  Wet wrap therapy is very simple and comfortable for the infant, baby or child if done with the proper tools.  The tools are listed below.  Don't let the word "wet" scare you off.  The wrap is actually damp and worn under regular clothing or approved sleepwear.  If done correctly, the damp layer will soothe the eczema while repairing the skin barrier.  Wet wrap therapy is the only treatment for eczema that soothes and calms the itch while repairing the skin barrier.  According the the American Academy of Dermatology, wet wrap therapy calms the itch, brings down inflammation, repairs the skin barrier, provides more restful sleep and decreases the staph bacteria found on the skin.

Tools for wet wrap therapy for successfully treating stubborn, itchy eczema.

1.  The AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe Sleeves.  If the eczema is covering the arms and also on the trunk you can purchase the Wrap-E-Soothe top.  The AD RescueWear products are the only eczema wraps that are registered with the FDA and also have the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance.  Wet wrap therapy garments in the U.S. are required to be registered and regulated by the FDA.  The AD RescueWear products are also made out of TENCELĀ® fiber which has been proven through verifiable testing to be superior for eczema and sensitive skin.  During wet wrap therapy, cotton gets baggy loose and uncomfortable when wet and the children tend to take them off.  Also, do not use synthetic fibers or fabrics for wet wrap therapy.  Visit to purchase.  Make sure you view the size chart to get the proper fit for your infant, baby or child.  These medical eczema sleeves fit up to 10 years.

You will also need Vaniply. Vaniply can be purchased at most Walgreens or CVS pharmacies or many on-line stores. You can also purchase Vaniply at

Once you have your supplies you will need to:

1. Soak your infant, baby or child in a lukewarm tub for 10-20 minutes. If you are in a hurry and can't deal with the soak at least shower or bathe the child as usual.  I recommend lukewarm as hot water strips the child's skin and eczema of essential natural oils.  Use a minimal amount of soap and check out products with the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance at (  Don't use just any product on your child's eczema.  Many store bought or pharmacy bought cleansers and shampoos have perfumes, chemicals and dyes that can aggravate your infant, baby or child's eczema.

2. Pat your child dry (do not rub as this will irritate the eczema) and immediately seal your child's eczema skin with Vaniply. I say immediately because it seals the moisture into the child's eczema from the tub. Don't wait, just pat dry and immediately seal.  Vaniply is a wonderful skin protectant for eczema that is free of eczema irritants.  Vaniply has the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance.  Use Vaniply liberally to the eczema.  You can not overdose on an emollient.

3. Soak the AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe sleeves or top in warm water and gently wring out excess water and slip on to the affected area of your child's arm or upper body.

4. Apply a dry layer over the damp Wrap-E-Soothe products.  We recommend cotton approved sleepwear.

Below please see a helpful diagram of the wet wrap therapy process.  Depending on the eczema, wet wrap therapy can successfully treat arm eczema, trunk eczema, leg eczema or full body eczema.  Wet wrap therapy should be done once a day.  Many parents report a huge difference to their child's eczema in just one night.  

For more information visit Read the amazing stories of how wet wrap therapy healed stubborn eczema for thousands of infants, babies and children with stubborn eczema.  Wrap your eczema away with wet wrap therapy.