​Is That Dandruff in My Hair or Is It Eczema?

​Is That Dandruff in My Hair or Is It Eczema?

Jennie Lyon

Is That Dandruff in My Hair or Is It Eczema?

Well, there is really no reason why it can’t be both.

Dandruff can be both an isolated condition and a symptom. Scalp dryness is as common as dryness of skin elsewhere on the body. Dandruff is really just the shedding of dead skin from the scalp, which might get caught up in the hair of a person or fall onto their shoulders. For people with darker hair, this can be a very embarrassing and obvious problem. The white flakes tend to show up better on a contrasting color. But dandruff can be an issue for anyone with any hair color, or even no hair at all. Common dandruff can also be accompanied by some minor skin irritation and itchiness. Though not necessarily to the same degree that you would experience with eczema.

Some potential causes of dandruff, aside from eczema, include common skin dryness, fungal infections, shampooing your hair too often, or a sensitivity to hair care products like conditioners and gels. There is no known cure, but it can be managed with a variety of products, from specialty shampoos to hair oils. These will, however, only treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause. Dandruff is mainly found in people post-puberty. It generally reduces in severity as a person gets older.

Now, eczema-related dandruff is its own beast. Called Seborrheic dermatitis, this variation primarily affects the scalp and the face. It has the usual eczema symptoms, including red, irritated, and cracked skin, extreme itchiness, and flaking. This can be especially painful given the relative thinness of the skin in the areas affected. Cases of dandruff caused by seborrheic dermatitis should be treated differently from how you would treat a common case. Dandruff shampoos and other products may not be eczema-safe. They could contain potential triggers that might make an eczema flare-up much worse. If you do develop a case of scalp-eczema, make sure that you buy a confirmed eczema-safe shampoo and eczema-safe ointments that can be used on the scalp.

Dandruff cases in kids are probably a sign of eczema. Most other cases of dandruff don’t affect a person until later in their life. For eczema babies, seborrhoeic dermatitis is also called “cradle cap,” and is a very common condition. Seborrhoeic dermatitis can also be extra difficult for eczema children. One of the most effective methods of controlling eczema (Wet Wrap Therapy) is considerably more difficult to apply when you are dealing with lots of hair. Even if Wet Wrap Therapy isn’t an option, our Eczema Treatment Gloves or Eczema Rescue Suit might be. The gloves and covered hands will help keep eczema kids from scratching in their sleep. Exacerbating the condition or even causing bleeding of the scalp in extreme cases.

If you discover dandruff accompanied by scalp irritation, it is best to go to your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. Yes, it could easily be eczema. But it could also be a fungal infection or simply dry skin. Once you are sure about your condition, you can take steps to alleviate it and make your dandruff a thing of the past!

This information is not meant to replace a visit to a physician or a physician’s advice. Always consult your doctor about your medical conditions. AD RescueWear does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any condition

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