Is Fast Food Triggering your Eczema?

Is Fast Food Triggering your Eczema?

Jennie Lyon

Is Fast Food Triggering Your Eczema?

Could fast food be contributing to you or your child’s eczema?

We all know that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the best choice for our health, and that eating fast food isn’t good for you. It’s not just a matter of eating too many calories. When we eat fast food, we consume more calories and also the wrong calories, and this can be an issue. This combination can—and does—make people sick, including children.

According to a recent study from Harvard Medical School, children who eat fast food regularly are at an increased risk of both eczema and asthma. There is a connection between the kinds of food that we eat and the development of eczema, along with many other illnesses. In the study, the children who consumed fast food at least 3 times a week, if not more, were as much as 39% more likely to become sick. That’s a very high percentage! Incredibly, the study also showed that re-introducing 3+ servings of fruit per day reduced the severity of symptoms.

Children and teens who eat fast food consume between 150 and 300 extra calories each day, and those calories come from greater sources of sugar and high fat. This leads to the development of chronic disease, and that includes eczema.

If you have children, set a good example. Be a role model for their eating habits, during their childhood and also as they grow older. Eating home cooked food is always best, but when you do get stuck in a fast food situation, here are a few tips to help make the best of a challenging situation:

  1. Choose smaller serving sizes, check for a snack menu and never super size!
  2. Trade in fried foods for grilled.
  3. Skip the cheese and mayo.
  4. Don’t drink your calories. Drink water instead of soda, milkshakes, or even fruit juice or smoothies.
  5. Compromise on the side dishes. If a burger or another rich main dish is a non-negotiable, skip the sides altogether, or replace fries or onion rings with a salad.
  6. If you do eat some fast food, counter the meal by adding extra fruits and vegetables to your next meal.

Fast food does contribute to eczema, both in children and inevitably in adults. It’s just not worth the trade off. Choose a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, avoid allergy triggers, and build up your immunity to avoid eczema flares.