​Innovative Mix of Eczema Treatments Shows Great Promise

​Innovative Mix of Eczema Treatments Shows Great Promise

Jennie Lyon

Innovative Mix of Eczema Treatments Shows Great Promise

Here at AD RescueWear, we are always on the lookout for new eczema treatments that could improve the quality of life of every eczema child and adult. That’s the entire reason we first made our Eczema Rescue Suits and other clothes. We knew that wet wrap therapy could do remarkable things for eczema kids, but that it could be difficult to get your child wrapped in cotton like a mummy every night. With the Eczema Rescue Suit, we made the treatment far easier. Just moisturize the child, put them in the slightly dampened suit, and away they go to bed. So, when we found this article about an innovative combination of eczema treatments, we were intrigued right away.

The article is written by Dr. Peter A. Lio, an eczema expert who has been treating eczema for years. In it, he is examining his experiences with the Aron Method of eczema treatment.

Dr. Richard Aron, a dermatologist in England, had started to give his patients a mixture of a topical antibiotic, an eczema-safe moisturizer, and a topical steroid cream. Apparently, he was getting amazing results. Dr. Lio had a patient with severe eczema who stumbled upon Dr. Aron’s method and asked if she could try it. Within just a few days, her eczema improved measurably. Dr. Lio went on to prescribe this combined treatment cream to many of his patients with similar levels of success. He did note that there were some who didn’t respond well to the treatment, but on the whole, it was very eye-opening.

One of the innovations of the treatment is the use of an antibiotic. Generally, these aren’t used in run-of-the-mill eczema treatments because there isn’t thought to be an infection until, well…there is one, usually due to scratching or other irritation. In the article, Dr. Lio notes that recent evidence has shown that bacteria on the skin of people who suffer from eczema acts a bit differently than those with healthy skin. Some kinds of bacteria can actually trigger an eczema flare-up. By using the topical antibiotic, Dr. Aron might be eradicating any bacteria before it can cause a problem.

One issue with the treatment is that you can’t just get it over the counter. Because it is a combination of different prescription medications, you would need to go to a compound pharmacist to create it. This can be quite expensive, as well as a bit of a pain to find a good compound pharmacist who is willing to create the combined cream.

We have to admit, we are curious about the possibilities of combining Dr. Aron’s treatment method with wet wrap therapy. It is possible that, combined, they could deliver better results than either could alone. We would want to see more research on his treatment before we recommend it, but it couldn’t hurt to ask your doctor about it and see what they have to say about the Aron Regime. It might be a worthwhile experiment!


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