How to Choose the Best Halloween Costume for a Child with Eczema

How to Choose the Best Halloween Costume for a Child with Eczema

Jennie Lyon

How to Choose the Best Halloween Costume for a Child with Eczema

We all want our children to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween. For a child with eczema, choosing a Halloween costume that will keep their skin comfortable both during Halloween and all of the fun activities and won’t cause a reaction in the time after Halloween is key to your child’s comfort level.

Make sure that you pick a costume that won’t irritate the skin. 100% cotton is the safest bet for sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Unfortunately, a lot of retail costumes that you’ll find in stores or online will be made with synthetics.

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Having a costume made could be a good idea, and there are some great shops on Etsy that create high quality costumes in cotton, made to order. Or, a Do-It-Yourself project can be a great idea so that you can ensure that all of the fabric you’re choosing is non-irritating and gentle. If you’re short on time, find creative ways to use cotton clothing that you already have, or that you can purchase and use again. For example, it’s not difficult to put together a pirate costume with a striped cotton shirt and a cotton bandana.

Avoid masks and costumes that cover the face. If the skin becomes overheated, sweating can irritate the skin and cause an eczema flare. If you know that your child will be attending a party indoors, try to choose a lighter weight costume or a costume with layers so that they can peel back to avoid overheating. If your child does sweat, try to wash their skin immediately so that the sweat doesn’t have time to dry on them which is irritating. Also avoid face paint, which is not hypoallergenic.  Consider lightweight, anti-itch  eczema garments under your child's costume to protect their skin and prevent sweat and irritation.

Like masks, avoid costumes that require gloves, or make sure the gloves are cotton if they are necessary. Since hands are particularly sensitive, remember to apply moisturizer before putting on the gloves.

When your child gets home, bathe and moisturize them with your emollient of choice in case they did become sweaty or irritated in any way. 

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Eczema sufferers are very sensitive and nothing will spoil a child’s enjoyment of Halloween more than an eczema flare up. Anything that comes in contact with our skin might easily irritate and trigger an eczema flare, so it’s important to eliminate unnecessary irritants. Get creative with your costume idea, keep it cotton, and avoid covering the face and hands and you’ll be sure to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween this year and in the years to come.

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