Holiday Pitfalls for Eczema Sufferers - Tips to Enjoy the Season

Holiday Pitfalls for Eczema Sufferers - Tips to Enjoy the Season

Jennie Lyon

Eczema Sufferers Should Watch Out for these Holiday Pitfalls

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be hard to enjoy it when you’re struggling with eczema. An eczema breakout can prevent you from looking and feeling your best, which can be especially hard during the holiday season. There are holiday traditions and rituals that can put us in the line of fire for eczema irritation. Awareness of what to avoid can help you enjoy this holiday season to the fullest. Whether you’re an adult who suffers from eczema, or you have a child with a sensitive skin condition, take caution when it comes to the following 4 holiday pitfalls:

1.Christmas Trees

Sadly, the sap and the needles from a real fir tree, not to mention the pesticides, pollen, and mold, can trigger an eczema flare or make existing irritation worse.

If you plan to bring a real tree into your home, hose the tree down and let it dry completely before carrying it inside. Make sure to wear gloves for the process. If you’re particularly sensitive, use an allergen-free cleanser along with the water to remove any excess pesticides from the tree.  

When you place your tree inside your home, make sure that you aren’t putting it somewhere where you’ll touch and brush it by accident. You might want to leave decorating to other family members, or make sure you wear gloves and long sleeves to prevent exposure.

Bringing a real tree into your home isn’t the only irritant; artificial trees have their own share of problems. If your faux tree has been sitting in storage for the year, it can collect mold and dust. It’s likely made from PVC, which can bother a lot of people with sensitive skin. Plan to wash your artificial tree every year before using it.

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2. Fireplaces

As pretty and cozy as the fireplace can look, the heat from a fireplace or a wood-burning stove creates very dry air that can cause your skin to become dry and itchy. The smoke from the fire also produces a lot of dust. Don’t get too close to the fireplace, and if you can’t avoid it altogether, then make sure to moisturize your skin often.

3. Scented Candles

People love the smell of pine or cinnamon-scented candles during the holidays. However, paraffin candles, which are very common on the market, have a lot of potential side effects and can irritate your eczema-prone skin. If you want to have candles in your home, choose plant-based candles like soy. For beeswax candles, make sure they are organic because the beeswax can also be contaminated with residue from pesticides.

4. Food & Alcohol

‘Tis the season to celebrate which means indulging, often in foods and beverages that you don’t consume the rest of the year. Be cautious about eating foods that you know you’re allergic to. Hitting the cheese plate might seem attractive, but if you can’t tolerate dairy, are the repercussions really worth it? Inflammatory foods also include sugary treats that are common throughout the holiday season.

Consuming excess alcohol is also a major challenge. Your body needs a chance to properly detoxify from the liquor or you’ll enter into an inflammatory state that can affect your eczema. Drinking alcohol can also raise your body temperature, which can cause your skin to become itchy. When you do indulge, make sure to drink plenty of water and moderation can go a long way with eczema.

In addition to these 4 holiday pitfalls, also be cautious of stress. As much as we love the holidays, the frazzle of shopping and entertaining can affect your immune system. Learn to embrace the holidays while keeping your “zen” so that the stress doesn’t get under your skin. 

Take Care of Your Skin. The holidays are a busy and exciting time of year, but don’t let the excitement distract you from taking care of your skin. With a little caution, you’ll be able to avoid holiday irritations and fully embrace the holidays without triggering an eczema flare. 

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This information is not meant to replace a visit to a physician or a physician’s advice. Always consult your doctor about your medical conditions. AD RescueWear does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any condition.

Happy holidays from AD RescueWear and enjoy the season!