​Holiday Foods and Eczema Triggers

​Holiday Foods and Eczema Triggers

Jennie Lyon

Holiday Foods and Eczema Triggers

One major focus of the holidays is food - piles of it. You find delicious treats at holiday parties, dinners, and at the office! Even potentially awkward family dinners are tolerated because of all the delectable delights...unless you have food-based eczema triggers. Food-based eczema flare-ups require you to be particularly careful about what you eat when you’re away from home. With so many more opportunities and obligations to eat during the holidays, how can you safely avoid eczema triggers while enjoying all of the seasonal indulgences?

Eat In as Often as Possible

If there’s a family dinner on the horizon, volunteer to host. While hosting might seem like an overwhelming task, it allows you to control the ingredients. Otherwise, regardless of providing your comprehensive list of food sensitivities, even well-meaning hosts might accidentally allow a trigger to enter in so that the family dinner has now become overwhelming on a different front. Limiting the ingredients to what is in your home, even if your family members help you cook, greatly reduces the odds of a flare-up over the holidays.

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Avoid Unknown Holiday Treats

While one of the best things about the holidays is all of the treats and baked goods, the problem is the uncertainty about triggers in the recipes. Sadly, there is no easy solution to this problem since common food-related eczema triggers are easily ingested. Making your own holiday treats is one excellent remedy but avoiding the unknown treats that a co-worker provides might be the simplest solution.

Beware of Too Much Holiday “Cheer”

Alcohol consumption increases considerably during the holidays. Who doesn’t look forward to a delicious eggnog? But those who suffer from eczema might want to reconsider imbibing too much. Moderate drinking is fine but be aware that alcohol dehydrates, drying the skin, and depletes your body of vitamins B and C, which help keep skin healthy. Help your body stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water along with holiday beverages.

The holidays are times of both celebration and excess. Going a little overboard on the desserts, the delicious food, and the egg nog is in no way a crime. Just keep your eczema triggers in mind, be careful, and have a happy and filling holiday!

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