Helpful Tips: Caring for an Infant with Eczema

Helpful Tips: Caring for an Infant with Eczema

Lana Lindstrom

Eczema with infants can be difficult. Your child cannot quite communicate with you, so you’re stuck guessing what they need. As intimidating as that may seem, there are endless tips and support at AD RescueWear to help parents who are going through similar situations.  


Scratching is a big “no-no” for any eczema sufferers. It can cause bleeding and make eczema much worse. To help avoid scratching, make sure that your infant's nails are trimmed at least 1-2 times per week. This will prevent them from hurting themselves by scratching too roughly. Invest in gloves or mittens that will prevent scratching during the night. In most cases, your baby will try to take them off if the itch is strong enough, so make sure the gloves are secure. This organic cuddle sack for babies is designed to prevent scratching with hand covers. The Rescue Suit for Eczema has hand covers and stops the itch and keeps medications in place. 


Clothing for infants can be fun to shop for, but certain fabrics can be irritating to their skin. Polyester, wool, rough linen, and denim fabrics are some to avoid, and luckily most infant clothing comes in silk or cotton. TENCEL® is a revolutionary fabric that eczema sufferers use for best results. Tencel® eczema clothing is only sold at AD RescueWear. Additionally, avoid wearing new outfits right away. Wash new clothing before use with a free and clear laundry detergent to make sure it doesn’t cause a flare. And always use the extra rinse cycle on your washing machine. Be cautious of gimmicky fabrics and fabrics that are infused with chemicals and dyes. There are new fabrics being marketing to children and babies that have dyes that fade and glow in the dark. Avoid fabrics that contain heavy dyes and chemicals and remember you are putting these chemicals on allergic skin that is compromised. Also, be careful with fabrics made outside the U.S. It is best to purchase clothing from U.S. manufacturers. Call them and discuss their fabric and where it is made. You can purchase baby eczema clothing made in the U.S. that is pure and natural here.

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Stay Strong

There are many parents who are also caring for an infant who struggles with eczema, connect with them! The National Eczema Association offers many online support groups that feature discussion groups, FAQ’s, and the ability to connect with other parents. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Parents who have gone through this are usually always willing to offer help, advice, or tips.

Try to make time for yourself. As hard as it may seem to leave your baby with a spouse or parents, your baby wants you to be fresh, relaxed, and rested. Treat yourself to a movie, coffee, nails, or even ice cream. You’ll return feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day!!

Join a Facebook group for eczema suffers like this one

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Daily Skin Care

The most important part of caring for eczema is daily skin care. Here is an article on bathing with eczema  Daily bathing and moisturizing will help manage eczema and prevent flares. Always dress in eczema clothing following a daily bath. Make sure to use an eczema friendly cleanser and rinse with clean water before moisturizing.

Make it easy

Every dinner at home does not need to be gourmet, right? Make it easy by ordering a food delivery service every now and then. They have surged in popularity and most offer a coupon for signing up. Plus, you will save time on preparing and cleaning. Many include gluten sensitive and allergy-free products. Treat yourself - taking care of a baby with eczema can be exhausting.

Sleeping Well with Eczema

Read this article by Dr. Frank Litchenberger, MD, PhD on tips to sleep well with eczema