Healing Eczema From the Inside Out.

Healing Eczema From the Inside Out.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Healing Child Eczema From the Inside Out - 5 Easy Tips.

Do you have a child with eczema? Are you struggling with sleepless nights, constant scratching, and no relief in sight? Relief may be closer than you think if you start from the inside and work out. Eczema is a reaction to an allergen. It seems simple but it’s not. Finding the allergen can require serious detective work. And if you have an allergic child, they may have multiple allergies and a defective skin barrier. But don’t lose hope. Below are some tips that have held up in studies. They are simple and easy to implement. Most importantly, be patient. Treating eczema from the inside out takes time. 

Food sensitivities: Young children can have food allergies and food sensitivities that flare eczema and make it miserable for you and your child. Top eczema producing foods are eggs, milk, peanuts, soy, and wheat. Always try egg first as it is the most common food trigger for eczema. Try and give up one food group for two weeks and see if your child’s eczema improves. If you reintroduce and see a flare you’re on to something. Only give up one food group at a time or you will not know the culprit. Always leave a week in between each food group.

Probiotics: Studies report an improvement to eczema with the intake of probiotics and yogurt. Ask your child’s physician to recommend a probiotic. You can open the capsule and sprinkle it on your child’s food or mix it into a fruit smoothie.

Omega 3 fats: Eczema can be a symptom of fatty-acid deficiency and Omega-3 fats can decrease inflammation and help heal eczema. Low-level Omega-3 fats are a common problem in the United States due to poor diet. Visit your local health food store and ask them to recommend an Omega-3 fat supplement from krill oil. You can also eat wild salmon. Don’t throw out the oil at the bottom of the pan. That is better than any pill but make sure it’s wild salmon.

Vitamin D: Many individuals in the United States have low vitamin D and studies report that vitamin D can help improve eczema. Talk to your child’s pharmacist about the proper dosing.

Clean Diet: If your child shows sensitivities to food, keep their diet clean. The best advice is if the food comes from a factory don’t buy it. Fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meats and yogurt are your best bet. Don’t purchase boxes, bars, bags and mixes that have ingredients you don’t understand. There are many hidden ingredients and food additives lurking that can cause a major eczema flare. Junk food is an eczema flare waiting to happen. There is research that reports that vegan diets can dramatically improve eczema and asthma. Cleaning up your child’s diet can improve their overall health, immune system and improve their eczema.

Stay tuned for treating eczema from the outside in.

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