Have an Eczema FREE Halloween - Tips to Enjoy the Holiday.

Avoiding an Eczema Flare on Halloween

Does your child have eczema? At AD RescueWear, we want you to have an eczema free Halloween that is full of goblins, ghosts and safe Halloween candy. Below are a few tips to make it an eczema free holiday.

Do’s and Don’t of Halloween:

Make sure your child’s costume is NOT tight and made of synthetic fabric. We know that is easier said than done. If your child is demanding a certain synthetic costume, make sure to wash it twice and wear eczema clothing underneath to prevent an eczema flare. Most chemicals and dyes are removed by the second washing. Do an extra rinse cycle to make sure. Eczema clothing underneath your child’s costume will protect your child’s skin and prevent sweat for irritating your child’s skin. Hot, itchy eczema can go from bad to worse in just a few minutes.

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Be Creative:

If you have a blank slate, make a costume from cotton clothing. Check out ideas on Etsy and on-line. Most costumes can start with cotton clothing such as leggings and a long sleeve cotton top or cotton colored sweats.

Don’t use masks, head covers and face paint. Masks and head covers can overheat your child. Perspiration and the salt in sweat can cause an eczema flare. Faice paint has chemicals that are not hypoallergenic.

Choose a costume based on the weather and parties. Is most of your child’s Halloween spent indoors? Make sure you have a costume that accomodates the indoor parties. Keep in mind that layers are best.

Shower or bathe after the party and trick or treating: Make sure to rinse off your child and moisturize when the event is over. This will rinse off any irritants and minimize or prevent and eczema flare.

Bring your own candy and treats: If your child has food sensitivities or food allergies, purchase all the candy and treats in advance and bring them to the parties and trick or treating. This will prevent your child from becoming frusterated or feeling deprived.

Happy Halloween from AD RescueWear!