Hand Eczema Relief that Works!

Hand Eczema Relief that Works!

Anne Fairchild McVey

Quick Relief for Hand Eczema without Topical Steroids.

Are you a parent or an individual that struggles with hand eczema?  It seems our house has a massive hand eczema flare once I turn on the furnace.  My three daughters immediately start itching their hands and as the days progress, the redness and itching just increases. So what is my secret weapon?  The Eczema Treatment Gloves and Vaniply Ointment from AD RescueWear.

I have had years of trying every eczema ointment.  But to my frustration, the cracking and bleeding just continued.  Now, when the hand eczema shows its ugly face, I immediately apply Vaniply Eczema Ointment to their little hands and cover with the Eczema Treatment Gloves right before bed.  2 easy treatments can get the eczema under control.  I do recommend you apply a moisturizer during the day.  When winter is in full force, I use the Eczema Treatment Gloves with Vaniply nightly and I also bring them when we travel somewhere cold and dry.  Forgetting them on vacation can turn a ski vacation or a visit to Grandma's house into an itchy and sometimes bloody eczema experience.  So these two items are on my winter travel list.

I have included pictures below so you can see how dramatic this easy process works in just two easy treatments.

Day 1: Hand Eczema Not Treated

Day 2:  Gloves and Vaniply Applied at Bedtime the Night Before

Day 3: Gloves and Vaniply Applied at Bedtime the Night Before

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