Food-Triggers and Eczema Reactions in Children.

Food-Triggers and Eczema Reactions in Children.

Jennie Lyon

Study: Food-Triggers and Eczema Reactions in Children.

If you have a child with food allergies that trigger eczema, you may have watched that child undergo a reaction. Sometimes the response is immediate, while other times there is a delay and it can be difficult to determine an exact correlation between the trigger and the reaction. Depending on the severity of the allergy, you may have wondered if the condition might go away, or if it might actually become worse.

Now, a recent study has examined food triggers by putting the children on elimination diets. The objective was to study the risk factors associated with immediate reactions.

As part of the elimination diet, the children cut out milk, eggs, and other food allergens for a period of time. Nearly 300 children participated in the study. All of the patients had a concern for food triggers related to eczema. The study collected data, conducted laboratory testing, and examined clinical reactions. They identified immediate reactions.

The result was that 19% of the children with food-triggered eczema had no previous history of immediate reactions developed new immediate food reactions after initiation of an elimination diet. Cow's milk and egg were the most common foods causing immediate-type reactions.

As it turns out, avoiding the food increased the risk of developing an immediate reaction to that food. The conclusion is that parents should be cautious about eliminating foods completely from a child’s diet because removing that food may lead to a decreased oral tolerance towards it. That means that if you have a child with an allergy and you remove it from their diet, you’ll need to be on guard because encounters with that food may actually become worse the longer that they go without consuming it.

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