​Finding Eczema Support in Your Community

​Finding Eczema Support in Your Community

Jennie Lyon

Suffering from a condition like eczema can be very isolating. During a flare-up, you might feel as if everyone is staring at you, even if the flare-up is under your clothing. If it’s on your face, the feeling can be even worse. This can be especially difficult for eczema children. When an adult notices that someone has eczema, they aren't likely to say anything. When a child notices, they’re much more likely to call attention to it, sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes to bully.

Even if you don't suffer personally from eczema, you can still feel alone due to the effects of the condition. If you have eczema children, for example, having to watch them go through wet wrap therapy night after night and try to resist scratching can make you feel helpless.

Thankfully, you can find eczema support from all over the world to help you deal with these feelings of isolation. The internet has opened the door, with online support and message boards where you can get advice, share stories, or simply vent. Sometimes, however, you need a more personal touch.

Eczema community support exists almost everywhere in the world. It's an extremely common condition and many adults feel isolated because of it. If you live in a larger population center, you can probably simply look up local eczema support groups online for meetings and other get-togethers. To get you started, the National Eczema Association has complied this list of eczema support groups all over the United States.

If you are looking for local community support for your eczema child, that might prove to be a little trickier. If your child's school is allowed to disclose it, you might be able to find out if there are other kids suffering from eczema. You could then get in contact with their parents, either to help your child make a new friend, or simply to talk about having an eczema child with someone who knows all about it. When you explain wet wrap therapy to most people, they look at your like you've sprouted another head, so being able to discuss Eczema Rescue Suits and wet wrap therapy with another parent might be therapeutic. Heck, you might even be able to make their lives easier by sharing the wonders of wet wrap therapy and Eczema Clothing.

If you are genuinely under extreme stress and need professional support, you could look into local mental health options. Talking to a therapist, or even a counselor, can give you the opportunity to get a lot off your chest.

Regardless of whether you have a large amount of local support, you need to know that you are never alone. There are families all over the world who deal with severe cases of eczema, many of them feeling as stressed out and isolated as you. Seek them out online and start to build your eczema support community. It might not relieve the symptoms, but can greatly relieve some of the mental and emotional pressures that can come along with an eczema flare-up.

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