Epsom Salt Baths for Eczema

Epsom Salt Baths for Eczema

Elizabeth Scott

Eczema skin has special needs as the skin barrier is compromised leading to dry, cracked and irritated skin. Many top practitioners treating eczema recommend taking a 20 minute soak in a warm bath to increase the moisture level of skin and reduce bacteria. Following a good skin care routine that includes bathing is a large part of keeping the skin barrier healthy and eczema at bay.  Apple cider vinegar baths and bleach baths get a lot of attention, but there may be one ingredient you already have in your pantry that may have been overlooked. Epsom salt baths are well known for use during cold and flu season but could also be helpful for soothing eczema skin.

So, what are the purported benefits of an Epsom salt bath for eczema? While there are no studies proving that Epsom salt is beneficial to eczema skin, enthusiasts say the benefits include detoxification, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Whether this is true or not, adding Epsom salts to the bath water does give the water a silky and smooth feel which could feel good to itchy, dry skin. And anything that helps increase moisture and relaxation can be helpful when struggling with the pain and itch of eczema. It's important to moisturize with an emollient immediately after taking a bath and lightly toweling off excess water.  

Below are some bath salt product options as well as links to articles about bathing with Epsom salts. As with any new product, test it first on a small patch of skin before using all over. 

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Epsom Salt Soaks for Eczema:

SaltWorks Bath Salts and Epsom Salt Benefits

French Girl Sea Soak - includes Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt and essential oils

G.Tox Detox 5 Salt Bath Soak - includes five salts including pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt and essential oils

Dr. Teal's - a full line of Epsom salt bath soaks with other ingredient such as Lavender

Articles about Epsom salt and salt baths for eczema:

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