Enjoying the Outdoors with Eczema

Enjoying the Outdoors with Eczema

Lana Lindstrom

Nothing is better than enjoying beautiful summer weather by swimming in the pool, taking walks, and sitting out by a campfire. Eczema can make these activities more difficult, but certainly not impossible. These tips and tricks will help you avoid flares and enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer.

No matter what outdoor activity you are doing, always wear sunscreen. Be sure to purchase a sunscreen that is water resistant, safe for eczema, and free of dyes, harmful chemicals, or fragrance. Purchase this sunscreen here.


Summer months can get blistering hot and humid, causing you to sweat. As we know, sweat is a common eczema trigger. To avoid this flare, organize outdoor time to be between 8 am-12 pm or 4 pm-8 pm. These times will help keep you or your children safe from overheating. If you feel like your child is getting too hot, soak a t-shirt in cold water and have them wear it. This can offer great relief.

Remember to drink plenty of water before, during, and after being outdoors in high temperatures. This will keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness and itchiness. Also, bring a cold spray bottle to cool off specific areas for more relief.

Always remember that shade is your friend. Sit in the shade whenever possible. Don't skimp on sunscreen even when you are sitting in the shade.

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Eczema clothing gets tricky in the summer, especially if spending time at a pool is on the agenda. Eczema sleeves are a great alternative to cover sensitive areas without wearing long sleeves. They can be found here. Eczema sleeves can be worn over your arm or leg and offer relief to itchiness and prevent scratching. For best result, apply an eczema emollient prior to wearing the sleeve then slip the sleeves on damp. These sleeves will prevent sweat, eczema flares and also prevent itching.

Clothing while exercising outside is also important in order to control a potential flare. Certain fabrics are better for eczema sufferers than others. 100% Tencel® or 100% cotton fabrics will be more effective than common “moisture absorbing or wicking” fabrics you will see at sporting goods stores. No matter the fabric, make sure it does not rub or scratch harshly against your skin.

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Get in contact with your local pool to see what chemicals are being added to the water and if it is safe for you. Apply eczema emollients before entering, and shower immediately after. Depending on the person, chlorinated pools can be an excellent relief and to others it can be a trigger. Make sure to remove wet clothing and swim suits after leaving the pool.

Don’t let eczema keep you or your children from enjoying the beautiful outdoors this summer.

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