Effectively Treat Stubborn Hand Eczema In 3 Easy Steps

Effectively Treat Stubborn Hand Eczema In 3 Easy Steps

Anne Fairchild McVey

My oldest daughter struggles with hand eczema.  It just takes a few days for the hand eczema to get totally out of control.  If I get busy and forget to pester her, she will have itchy, red, bleeding hand eczema in just 1 day.  Well, last Thanksgiving I had 8 house guests.  Yes -  I was definitely busy and distracted from her dry hands.  Below is a photo of her hand eczema the evening of Thanksgiving:

If I had neglected this another night her hand eczema would be dry, cracked and bleeding by morning.  This is an issue because it can get infected and start to ooze.  What to do?  I have a wonderful process that will have the hand eczema under control in just three easy steps in three days.  I only treat at night but try to have her use hand cream during the day if possible.  She hates hand lotion so the nighttime hand eczema treatment is very important.  I have included before and after photos so you can see the amazing transition.  It only takes about 30 seconds a night for the eczema treatment.

First, you need eczema treatment gloves.  I used the eczema treatment gloves for kids from AD RescueWear.  They are made from natural bamboo and are very durable and withstand many washings.  I wash them in a gentle wash laundry bag and lay them flat to dry.

Second, at bedtime, I slather an emollient all over the hands.  We have found the best emollient is either Vaniply Ointment or Unrefined Shea Butter.  If your child has allergies or food allergies, the Vaniply might be better.  Shea butter is considered a nut.  Make sure to spread a thick coat all over the hands.

Third, put on the Eczema Treatment Gloves and wear overnight.

Here is a photo of her hand eczema the next morning.  As you can see there is a drastic improvement.

Here is a photo of her hands the next day.  As you can see her stubborn hand eczema is totally gone.  If I could just get her to put a little lotion on, they would be perfect.  In the winter, I try and have her use the emollient and eczema treatment gloves nightly.  If we use the treatment gloves with an emollient every night, her hand eczema is gone.  If we skip just one night, it starts to rear its ugly head.  Just 30 seconds a night is all it takes.  Remember to bring them when you travel over the holidays!  It is an essential item to pack so put it on your packing list so you don't forget.  See the photo below of her nice healthy hands on day 3.

To recap, here are the steps once again:

1. Purchase Eczema Treatment Gloves.

2. Slather an emollient like Vaniply Ointment for Eczema all over the hands.

3. Wear the gloves overnight.

That's it!  

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