Eczema Wraps are NOW Covered by Insurance and Medicaid and Bring Relief to Stubborn Eczema.

Eczema Wraps are NOW Covered by Insurance and Medicaid and Bring Relief to Stubborn Eczema.

Jennie Lyon

Wrapping Eczema Wet then Dry Can Bring Amazing Relief to Stubborn Eczema.

Talk to Your Doctor or Child's Doctor About a Prescription for the Wrap-E-Soothe Eczema Wraps.

We talk a lot about wet wrap therapy and eczema wraps in this blog. As it’s the beginning of a new year, we thought it might be helpful to layout exactly what these terms mean and how a nighttime wet wrap therapy routine can greatly help your eczema children, and maybe you as well.

Part of the problem with putting on an eczema-safe ointment or eczema medication just before bed is that it can easily rub off on the bed sheets. Yes, you get some benefits, but after it is gone, it's gone. Without the assistance of these ointments to heal the skin barrier, moisture can easily escape and your eczema can dry out and get worse. The trick is to figure out a way to prevent this by keeping the ointment or medication on the skin all the way through until morning.

The answer is wet wrap therapy, one of the best methods of treating toddler and baby eczema. It involves covering the moisturized skin, so ointments and medication won’t dry out or rub off. Originally done with simple cotton wraps, wet wrap therapy has come a long way. When it first came into use, you would have to wrap up your eczema child like a mummy every single night. Not an easy task when you are dealing with a squirming, ointment-covered eczema toddler. So, we came up with a better way: our line of Eczema Wraps which are now covered by Medicaid and most insurance companies. Talk to your doctor about a prescription for AD RescueWear eczema full body wraps and tops and bottoms. The lower cost items (socks, sleeves and gloves are not covered by insurance). We are durable medical equipment with a billable code: A4467.

We sell a number of different eczema wraps, such as eczema socks, eczema gloves, and, our most popular product, our Eczema Rescue Suits. These full-body eczema wraps are designed specifically with wet wrap therapy in mind and research reports an average reduction in eczema symptoms by 71% if done correctly. They are made from a special fabric, Tencel®. This ultra-soft fabric is perfect for eczema children, as it feels great on the skin and is also anti-itch. It also comes with hand covers, to stop little hands and fingers from scratching at eczema-damaged skin in their sleep. The real beauty of the Eczema Rescue Suit comes when combined with wet wrap therapy.

Wet wrap therapy goes something like this:

First, give your Eczema child a 15 to 20-minute lukewarm bath. This hydrates the skin and opens the pores, making them more receptive to medications. After the bath, pat dry your child with a towel washed in an eczema-safe laundry detergent. Then, it is time to moisturize! Cover their eczema-damaged skin, and possibly their whole body, with your choice of an eczema-safe ointment. You can use prescribed medication sparingly but research also reports a reduction in the need for prescribed creams with side effects. Once they are well coated, gently dampen your Eczema Rescue Suit or other wrap for eczema with warm water. Place your eczema child into the wrap, zip it up, and then put a layer of dry cotton on top. The damp material of the Eczema Rescue Suit will lock in the moisture all night, giving their skin a chance to recover while healing the skin barrier. This process also stops the relentless itch of eczema, allowing for more restful sleep.

Using wet wrap therapy every night before bed can greatly improve your eczema child’s flare-ups over the course of a few treatments. Make it part of your nighttime routine and see the results for yourself. Once it becomes a habit, wet wrap therapy can greatly improve your eczema infant, toddler, or child’s quality of life. Once the skin has repaired you can switch to using the eczema wrap dry. Below is a diagram showing the proper protocol for wet wrap therapy. Also, visit this link for testimonials on wrapping your child with AD RescueWear Life Changing Eczema Garments at

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