Eczema: What's in your travel bag?

Jennie Lyon

Ezema: What's in your Travel Bag?

Are you preparing for travel? Tips for eczema sufferers:

It’s said that travel heals the soul. Sadly, travel rarely heals the skin. Leaving your usual environment to go somewhere with different temperature and humidity levels can greatly irritate your skin. Even someone who doesn’t suffer from eczema might wonder why their skin was so dry after getting off a plane. For an eczema sufferer, it can be far worse than just some dry skin.

When you travel anywhere by train, plane, or automobile, you should always have a travel eczema bag with you, loaded up with everything that you need to prevent, manage, and treat flare-ups.

What should you include in your travel bag? It depends on your daily eczema routine, but a good travel bag should always include these items:

1) Eczema medication

If you have any kind of prescription from your doctor, make sure that you have a supply of it inside your travel bag. Pro tip: Always have an emergency supply of your medication somewhere, just in case your bag is lost. That way, you will never be without it!

2) Soaps and shampoos

Many people delight in using the little shampoos they find in a hotel bathroom. It’s fun because they’re small and free! However, they’re usually scented and perfumes are a major trigger for an allergy and eczema sufferer. Not worth it! When you travel, make sure to take a supply of your eczema friendly cleansers with you. Monitor your consumption of your products over the course of a week at home so you’ll know the exact amount you need to bring… And then bring two days extra, just in case.

3) Towels and sheets

Hotels take cleanliness seriously, and that’s why all of their sheets and towels are put through a heavy wash on a semi-daily basis. The problem is that these washes often use powerful chemicals and bleaches that can be incredibly irritating to an eczema sufferer’s skin. That’s why it’s best to take your own towels and sheets from home.

At the front desk, make sure to let them know you’re planning to use your own linens so that housekeeping doesn’t accidentally scoop up your personal sheets and replace them with the hotel’s. In the event that you need to clean your sheets or towels, take a small supply of eczema safe laundry detergent with you. A quick hand wash in a hotel tub or sink can be a pain, but far safer than running them through a public laundry machine.

4) Snacks

Snacks are too often overlooked. Many people, children especially, have major food sensitivities that trigger eczema. It’s important to be careful what they eat. Make sure to bring along some eczema and allergy friendly snacks for long car or airplane trips. This is definitely one occasion when it’s better to say “no thank you” to the flight attendant offering you a free bag of stale pretzels or salty peanuts.

One quick travel tip to keep in mind: if you’re flying, you need to make sure that all creams or liquids are packed properly. If you’re taking a carry-on, make sure that they don’t exceed the maximum allowed amount of liquid, and that everything is bagged correctly for security. It might be helpful to have a doctor’s note in case security wants to know exactly what creams you’re carrying and why you need them. It always pays to be prepared! And thanks to this travel bag checklist, now you will be!