Eczema - What Doctor is Best

Eczema - What Doctor is Best

Anne Fairchild McVey

Eczema – What Doctor Is Best?

Do you or your child have eczema? Have you been frustrated with the pediatrician or your primary care physician? Below are some tips on the best route to make sure you get the best treatment to heal stubborn eczema.

Is the Eczema Stubborn?

Many pediatricians and primary care doctors do not stress the importance of daily skin care. Eczema is dry and will not heal without daily/regular moisture. Emollients are better than lotions. Bathing is best everyday with an eczema friendly cleanser. Towel off immediately after a 10 minute lukewarm shower or bath and apply an eczema emollient while the skin is still damp. Apply medical, itch suppressing eczema clothing over the eczema emollient. Use prescribed eczema creams as directed by your physician.

Are You Worried About Topical Steroids?

Prescribing topical steroids is the first line of treatment when you visit most doctors about eczema. Topical steroids are very effective in treating eczema and if topical steroids are used temporarily, it is not a problem. The problem begins when an individual treats their eczema long term with topical steroids. This is a bandaid with side effects. It is extremely important to find out what is triggering the eczema and remove those triggers from the individual’s environment. Triggers can be environmental, chemical or food. Here is a great article on removing eczema triggers from your life and minimizing symptoms

What doctor is best for treating eczema?

If you are struggling with your eczema, have followed your doctor’s advice and tried several prescribed creams and ointment and your eczema is still a problem, it is best to see a specialist. Dermatologists can be helpful in treating the skin barrier and getting the eczema under control. Allergists are wonderful at getting to the root cause of eczema. Tests can be done with an allergist to find out what allergen is causing the irritation and inflammation. Natural paths can be helpful if the dermatologist and allergist are not successful at controlling the eczema. Natural paths can find food sensitivities that might be triggering the eczema or making the eczema worse.

What should you ask your doctor if your eczema is not controlled?

Ask your physician to refer you to a specialist. Keep in mind that you should be moisturizing your eczema daily. Here is a great article on how to care for your eczema When you have your appointment with the specialist, make sure to bring along a list of questions written down. Some questions you may want to ask are: What causes eczema? What are my treatment options? How do I care for my eczema? What eczema emollient is best? Should I try wet wrap therapy for my eczema? Should I take a probiotic for my eczema? Should I have allergy testing? Could the eczema be triggered by a food allergy? Here is a great article about an elimination diet to relieve eczema triggers

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