Eczema Triggers to Consider Before your Next Vacation

Eczema Triggers to Consider Before your Next Vacation

Jennie Lyon

Eczema Triggers to Consider Before your Next Vacation

Everyone wants to ensure that their family vacations become cherished childhood memories for their kids. Just because your child suffers from eczema doesn’t mean that they have to miss out. It just becomes a bit more difficult. At home, you might have eczema avoidance and treatment down to a science. But when you travel, you lose almost 100% of your ability to control your environment. Eczema triggers that you have completely under control at home might pop up unexpectedly when you are on vacation. 

Think ahead and you might be able to avoid or minimize these triggers before they happen:


The presence of low humidity, dry air, and hot temperatures can easily cause eczema flare ups. At home, you have probably found the perfect balance between the three, but when you are traveling that will be impossible. If you are going by plane, the recycled air in the cabin is dry and can be very irritating. And who knows what the ambient temperature in your hotel room will be? You can only control what you can. For example, pick a location for your vacation that doesn’t have dry air and low humidity. If you are traveling somewhere hot, try to time your trip so it isn’t in the middle of summer.


Once you arrive at your destination and settle into your hotel room, you should look around and find any potential eczema triggers. Before you book, check online reviews for your hotel to make sure that it’s kept very, very clean. The last thing you want to find are dust mites or other allergens that could trigger a flare up. The bedsheets on your child’s hotel bed will probably have to go. Odds are that they are put through the industrial washer with various detergents every single day. Replace them with your child’s sheets that you took from home. Make sure that the hotel staff knows that these are YOUR sheets so they don’t take them during the daily cleaning. For similar reasons, make sure that you pack your own towels that were washed in eczema safe laundry detergent.


Food can be a powerful eczema trigger, especially for children with allergies. When on vacation, this could require some planning. Make sure that the hotel restaurant, or wherever you will be eating most often, is aware of any dietary restrictions that your child may have. You might need to plan your meals in advance of leaving home, calling around to each restaurant that you wish to go to and making sure that it will be safe to take your child.


Thankfully, no one ever gets stressed out when they are on vacation. Ha! Stress is a common eczema trigger, and just because your kids aren’t in charge of booking flights doesn’t mean they are immune to it. Delays, traffic jams, lost toys or belongings, all of these things can cause your child tremendous levels of stress. This, in turn, can causea flare upor make one far worse. This is a tricky one to deal with because unexpected stressful situations are par for the course when traveling. All you can really do is plan the best you can and try to shield your child from any stress. This could mean that you will have to hide your own. So when the front desk of your hotel tells you that your booking is for July 2017, not 2016, take a deep breath and relax. Remember, you’re on vacation!