Eczema Treatment and Relief that Works!

Eczema Treatment and Relief that Works!

Are you skeptical of eczema products because you've tried everything for your child's eczema and nothing seems to work? Our products work! Wet wrap therapy works for childhood eczema when all else fails. Below are just a few of our product testimonials from real doctors and real parents on our Wrap-E-Soothe products for childhood eczema. You don't need to take our word for it. Read below.

"As a board certified, pediatric allergist in New York City I am very familiar with wet wrap therapy using AD RescueWear and find it a wonderful way of treating and managing atopic dermatitis in children. This hydration method helps dampen the pruritis (itchiness) of the skin and lessen the use of expensive corticosteroid creams and ointments. It adds immeasurably to overall treatment."

Paul Ehrlich, MD. FAAP, FAAAAI

New York University School of Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

"A patient of mine who used one of your products wanted me to thank has made life so much easier and helped me to convince them about the virtues of wet wraps!!! Thanks so much for all you do!"

Dr. Neal Jain

Allergist/Immunologist, Co-owner and President, Allergy Intellect, Co-owner, San Tan Allergy & Asthma

"My 15 month old son has severe dry skin on his legs and arms. After using the AD RescueWear suit at night for two weeks we have noticed a huge difference in his skin. The redness on his arms and legs are almost completely gone and the bumps are significantly less. The suit was easy to use. It was never a fight to put it on because it fit just like his pjs. This is a top notch product and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a child with severe dry skin."

Jenny Mother of 3

“The wet-wrap suit that you all have created is a revolutionary product in the battle against eczema and everyone needs to know about it.

My youngest son, Ethan, developed eczema at the age of 3 mths. It started on his cheeks and within 5 months, spread over his entire body. Every inch of his skin was dry and cracked open and his pigment changed from an almond brown to almost black. The doctors' caring for him at the time stated that he looked like he had 3rd degree burns!

Despite trying every cream, lotion, oral and topical steroid known to man, his condition lasted for 18 months. Our dermatologist had mentioned wet-wrap therapy as a remedy for the inflammation associated with eczema and the night-time itching cycle. At the time, this consisted of dressing our child in his sleep-jumper and literally wrapping him with a wet towel. This was a messy process and my son did not enjoy it all. When I found out about the wet-wrap suit developed by AD Rescue-wear, I was ecstatic! This product made true wet-wrap therapy possible and a lot less messy.”


"We used the bottoms for our daughter's eczema on her leg. It was raw, after her wearing the bottoms (wet and dry) with creams, her leg has healed. The sore was large and inflamed from scripting for several months. Thanks AD RescueWear!"


"We noticed a big difference in the feel of our daughter's skin after just one use of the Wrap-E-Soothe Top and Bottom. Sure, it took some bribery of a second bedtime book and extra snuggles to get her to keep the damp suit on, but after a while she didn't even notice she was wearing it. In the morning, her skin was no longer red and raw, plus it felt softer than it ever has before."


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"I used the sleeves on my eight year old son who has had eczema since birth. He has eczema all over his body which is made worse by stress and warm, sunny weather. Returning to foggy San Francisco after a month in Upstate New York during the summer had his eczema so flared up. We were able to get most of his body under control with the usual cream therapies, but his feet (which had been exposed to the sun the most) were all crusty, red and scabbed over. I just couldn't get his feet comfortable until we started to use the sleeves from AD RescueWear. After about 5 uses of the sleeves, his feet where the best they have been in about a year. I was so impressed by the change that I had to write something. We have been struggling with eczema for so long that I wish these products had been around when my son was young. The material is soft and comfortable to wear to bed under pajamas. We put the sleeves on after showering and getting cream everywhere it needs to go. We have used the sleeves on feet, ankles, arms and legs. They truly are multi-purpose and easy to use."


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