Eczema Could Mean a Lower Risk of Brain Cancer.

Eczema Could Mean a Lower Risk of Brain Cancer.

Jennie Lyon

One Positive to Having Eczema - a Lower Risk of Brain Cancer!

When you struggle with eczema, it can be a challenge to find the silver lining. However, a study has recently been released that could present some promising news for eczema sufferers.

It turns out that if you have eczema, you have a lower risk of developing brain cancer glioma. Eczema is related to respiratory allergies and the same is true for those who suffer for asthma and allergies. These people are 30% less likely to develop brain cancer compared to people who don’t suffer from allergic illnesses.

The conclusion came from data collected and analyzed from over 8,000 people, approximately half of which have had gliomas. The study looked at their past medical history, environmental factors, and their history of allergies and eczema. The results have been similar to other studies showing that people with allergic diseases such as eczema have a lower risk of cancer.

The next step will be to determine how eczema, allergies, and asthma work to protect against the cancer.