Eczema Clothes for Kids and Adults

Eczema Clothes for Kids and Adults

Anne Fairchild McVey

Eczema Clothes for Kids and Adults

How are eczema clothes beneficial for children and adults who suffer from eczema?

If you are considering purchasing eczema clothing for your child or for yourself, but wonder about the price tag, we have listed how they are beneficial. 

Tencel® Fabric:

Eczema clothing for both kids and adults are hard to find. The best eczema clothing are the ones made with the tencel® fiber. Tencel® has been proven through verifiable testing to be superior for eczema and sensitive skin. The benefits on tencel® for eczema are listed below.

  • Tencel® is naturally itch suppressing. 
  • Tencel® is moisture absorbing. Tencel® can absorb 50% more moisture than cotton.
  • Tencel® is bacteria suppressing.
  • Tencel® is pure and natural.
  • Tencel® is one of the softest fibers in the world.
  • Individuals report more restful sleep when wearing Tencel®. They also report sleeping better when they have Tencel® sheets.

Watch out for companies selling Tencel® that is infused, especially if they are infused in 3rd world countries and manufactured in 3rd world countries. Some companies are infusing Tencel® with zinc and other chemicals and marketing to eczema sufferers. Zinc is a metal and if you suspect or have been diagnosed with a metal allergy, you need to be very cautious of zinc. Pure and natural Tencel® is wonderful in its own right, so there is no need for Tencel® that is infused with metals or chemicals.

Silk Fabric

Silk is soft and breathable but extremely expensive. It also is not stretchy so it does not stay on the skin and messy ointments do not stay in place when wearing silk. Tencel® is stretchy and sits on the skin to keep medications in place for effective treatment.

Below are some fabrics to avoid if you have eczema.


Wool is the worst fabric for eczema. Many with sensitive skin claim to actually have a wool allergy. Wool is extremely irritating to eczema.

Synthetic fabrics

Synthetic fabrics do not allow the skin to breath and trap moisture and bacteria on the skin and can cause infection. Individuals that suffer from eczema are at a higher risk for staph infections so it's best to avoid synthetic fabrics.


Cotton is breathable but eczema suffers find cotton rough to irritated skin. Most doctors recommend cotton but now that there are other options that improve the quality of life for eczema sufferers such as Tencel® and silk, cotton is no longer the best option.

Dye FREE, Chemical FREE, Zinc FREE Eczema Treatment Clothing