Eczema Causes and Triggers

Eczema Causes and Triggers

Lana Lindstrom


Eczema limits the protection of your skin from the outside environment. This causes common eczema symptoms; irritation, redness, and itchiness. Although research is ongoing, research points to genetics, allergies, and environmental changes as the main causes of eczema. Other conditions like asthma, skin defects, and food allergies can be linked to eczema as well. It’s common for children with a food allergy to also have eczema. 

Eczema causes are complex. It is important to address the cause, as it can help the solution. If you are not sure about the cause of eczema, recognizing eczema triggers can help limit breakouts. So always be a detective and try and determine what is aggravating your eczema.


Temperatures: As a general rule of thumb, eczema reacts to things too hot or too cold. Hot showers, hot exercising, ice baths, frigid air and dry air are all examples of eczema triggers. Many report their eczema flaring when the furnace turns on in colder climates. Other sufferers report flaring when the temperature and humidity rise.

Topical treatments: Avoid skincare products that contain harmful chemicals. How do you know if your product is causing a flare? Avoid fragrances, colors, preservatives and unknown chemicals. Always apply new products sparingly until you are sure they agree with your skin. It is best to always wear anti-itch eczema undergarments over your skincare ointment. For trusted skin care without any eczema triggers visit

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Stress: Stress is a clear eczema trigger, but doctors are not sure why. Stress is a normal and common emotion, so it’s unrealistic to avoid it completely but there are ways to better manage stress. Take a few deep breaths during a stressful time. This simple task will send a signal to your brain to calm down and return to your normal, relaxed state. Read this article on managing stress with eczema

Exercise: Unfortunately, eczema does not react well with hot body temperatures and sweat. Both can cause redness and irritation. Yoga is a great alternative way of exercising without extreme sweat or strain on your body. It also is a perfect way to destress! Prior to exercising be sure to drink plenty of water, and also bring a towel along to dab sweat off affected area. Read this article on how to enjoy exercise with eczema

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Treatment: A skincare routine can make a huge difference and can prevent regular use of topical steroids and prescription medications with side effects. Check out this article on how to care for and minimize eczema symptoms

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