Eczema and Food Allergies - Further Evidence of a Connection.

Eczema and Food Allergies - Further Evidence of a Connection.

Jennie Lyon

Eczema & Food Allergies – Further Evidence

Why do so many eczema sufferers also have food allergies?

A study is examining why it’s so common for eczema patients to also have allergic conditions like asthma, hay fever, and food allergies. The study is looking at a longtime theory that environmental food proteins are able to reach immune cells in the skin via the compromised skin barrier caused by eczema.

There have been many studies related to this subject—66 in fact—and this particular study from The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI) included those existing studies in their research.

The findings confirmed the connection between food sensitization, food allergies, and eczema.

If you have a child with eczema it is very important to get it under control or it can move on to other diseases such as food allergies, asthma or even seasonal allergies.  The best way to manage eczema is by daily skin care.  We have listed 4 helpful tips to manage eczema especially child eczema.

  1. Bathe daily with lukewarm water and use a cleanser approved by the National Eczema Association sparingly.
  2. Pat dry and immediately apply an eczema emollient.
  3. Dress in eczema clothing.  Eczema clothing is wonderful to wear at night after a warm bath.
  4. Consider wet wrap therapy if the eczema is stubborn or severe.  Wet wrap therapy done correctly can decrease eczema symptoms by 75% in just a few treatments.  A wet wrap therapy infographic is below for easy instructions.

It’s a very interesting, approachable study and worth reading directly. Click here for the details:

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