​Does Anybody in the Movies Suffer from Eczema?

​Does Anybody in the Movies Suffer from Eczema?

Jennie Lyon

We sometimes wonder, are there any movies out there where the lead character suffers from eczema? Well, that depends whether you mean on screen or off…

There is a tremendous under-representation of eczema on the silver screen. When looking through the Internet Movie Database, we could only find one movie that prominently featured a character with eczema, Praise, an Australian film from 1998. Now, we understand that mainstream movies generally want to make their stars appear as flawless as possible on the screen, no matter how unrealistic this is. But we have to admit, it would be nice to see a movie star with eczema.

Of course, there are movie stars who actually do openly suffer from eczema. Big names too!

You’ve definitely heard of Nicole Kidman. This Australian superstar has been featured in some of the biggest films in the last 30 years, but she apparently also suffers from eczema, just like so many of us. There have been many paparazzi photos showing her badly cracked and dry hands. It’s bad enough that she needs to deal with those vultures who are invading her personal life, now they also have to exploit her medication condition?

Brad Pitt seems to be a big believer in all-natural soap products, as apparently regular soap is a big eczema trigger for him. This is something we can certainly relate to. Another of his eczema triggers is apparently film makeup, which he had to wear to artificially age him in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Apparently it got so bad that his co-star, Cate Blanchett, had to loan him some of her skin cream. Now, that’s suffering for your art.

Chemical sensitivities can be powerful eczema triggers, as they apparently are for Brad Pitt. That’s why it’s so important that you use products that are confirmed eczema-safe. For example, instead of soap, use an eczema-safe liquid cleanser, like our Free and Clear Cleanser. If you’re looking for skin cream, don’t just take whatever Cate Blanchett offers you from her bag, you want to use something like our Vaniply Skin Ointment! It’s perfect for spot treatment, and also Wet Wrap Therapy with our Eczema Rescue Suit and other eczema clothing. Maybe someone could send Ms. Kidman a pair of our eczema gloves for Christmas!

So, if eczema isn’t being featured at all on the big screen, what about the small? Here, we actually can find some major eczema representation in the form of the recent HBO miniseries “The Night Of”. Adapted from the BBC series “Criminal Justice”, “The Night Of” features a defense lawyer name John Stone who is representing an innocent man accused of murder. Stone also suffers from eczema, which is a major character trait that runs through the series. Rather than the eczema just being window dressing, as it was in the original “Criminal Justice”, the state of Stone’s eczema is reflected by how his case is going. In some episodes, it looks like it has completely cleared up. In others, it has completely taken over his body. The series is incredible, not just for the way it portrays eczema, but for the acting and story. We followed it in a series of blog posts last year, and we recommend it highly.

It honestly surprises us eczema isn’t mentioned more often in the movies. So many people suffer from it in the real world, you think it would be a pretty relatable character trait! We promise that, if we ever hear of a film that portrays eczema in a realistic light, that we will bring it to your attention. If you know of any films that highlight eczema, please give us a heads up!

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