Do You Have Eczema? Be Careful of Your Clothing!

Do You Have Eczema? Be Careful of Your Clothing!

Anne Fairchild McVey

Do You Have Eczema? Be Careful of Your Clothing!

If you have eczema, you know how miserable the sleepless nights and relentless itching can be. To heal your eczema, you need to be very careful what you are putting on your skin, including your clothing.

We live in a world of chemicals and high tech fabrics. Be extremely cautious when purchasing clothes or eczema treatment clothing that have chemicals infused into the fabric. Also, be very cautious of fabric dyes. These chemicals and dyes can cause an allergic reaction to your already inflamed skin. Actually, skin is most vulnerable during an eczema flare. The skin barrier is extremely compromised so chemicals and dyes can cause a terrible reaction.

So what do you wear? 

We recommend wearing natural fiber clothing and dye free clothing. Black and blue dyes cause the most reactions so stay clear of fabric with dyes or fabrics that contain chemicals that are hard to understand. Recent to the market are chemical infused fabrics that tout moisture wicking, itch suppressing, or even dye fading. Stay away from any fabric that is infused with chemicals.

Organic cotton and bamboo are very safe and breathable. Although cotton is safe, it can feel rough to sensitive skin and skin with eczema. Pure, natural, dye free and chemical free tencelĀ® is proven superior for eczema. For dye free, chemical free tencelĀ® eczema treatment clothing visit

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How you launder your clothes is just as important as what your wear. 

Your clothes, sheets and towels must be laundered properly if you have eczema. Alway use a FREE and CLEAR laundry detergent such as Seventh Generation Free and Clear. Always us the extra rinse cycle and never use dryer sheets or fabric softners.

What products should you use on your skin?

Skin care products are just as important as clothing and laundry care. Only use products that have the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance. Vaniply is an eczema ointment that most allergists and dermatologists recommend. Vaniply has the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance and so does the Vaniply Free and Clear cleanser for eczema.

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