Do You Get Eczema Blisters? Why and How To Treat Them

Do You Get Eczema Blisters? Why and How To Treat Them

Jennie Lyon

Eczema flare-ups are kind of like fingerprints: nobody’s is the exact same.

Eczema is often used as a sort of catch-all term for chronic skin conditions characterized by red skin, itching, and irritation. That doesn't mean that you or your eczema child will experience the exact same symptoms in the same places. For example, some eczema sufferers, instead of cracked skin, have to deal with the formation of tiny blisters that eventually burst, crust over, and itch like crazy. It's a little bit different than the usual eczema symptoms, but it is eczema all the same.

Generally, most people who suffer from eczema blisters get them on their hands and feet. This variety of eczema is called Dyshidrotic eczema. Like other forms of eczema, the exact cause of Dyshidrotic eczema is unknown. It often appears in the springtime and other allergy seasons. Stress can also be a trigger, as well as socks made from non-eczema friendly fabrics, soaps, or hand/foot creams.

Treatment for Dyshidrotic eczema is pretty much the exact same as with other forms, but with a few extra things to keep in mind. First, never pop the blisters that form. Although the fluid inside them isn't harmful, bursting them can lead to a skin infection, making a bad flare up even worse. The blisters often respond well to steroidal creams, just like regular eczema, but also like with regular eczema, excessive use could lead to red skin syndrome. As painful as RSS can be on other parts of your body, it can be far worse on your hands and feet, as they are constantly moving and have thinner, more delicate skin.

Wet wrap therapy can be a fabulously effective treatment for Dyshidrotic eczema. If you or your eczema child suffer from eczema blisters on the hands and feet, we recommend our Eczema Gloves and Eczema Socks for Eczema children and our Eczema Gloves and Eczema Socks for adults. When combined with wet wrap therapy, using an eczema-safe ointment, they can help lock in moisture and give your skin a chance to heal through the night. They can also be very effective at protecting your hands and feet throughout the day, as they are made from a super soft material that feels good on damaged skin. Of course, if your eczema child suffers from full body eczema, in addition to getting blisters on their hands and feet, then our full body Eczema Rescue Suit might be the best option.

Just because we don't know the causes of Dyshidrotic eczema doesn't mean that we can't do something to help calm the skin and give it a chance to heal. Wet wrap therapy and our Eczema Clothing are an incredibly effective combination, and you can get them here at AD RescueWear!

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