Could Air Conditioning Be Triggering My Eczema Child's Flare Ups?

Could Air Conditioning Be Triggering My Eczema Child's Flare Ups?

Jennie Lyon

During the heat of the summer, we are all thankful for the miracle of air conditioning. There is nothing quite like walking in from the sweltering heat and humidity outside to a lovely, cool, and refreshing house. One major worry for parents of eczema children is if air conditioning can somehow act as an eczema trigger. Sacrifices are necessary as eczema parents, but we don't want to give something like air conditioning up if we don't have to! Thankfully, air conditioning itself isn't something that usually acts as an eczema trigger. However, there are side effects of air conditioners that could potentially exacerbate a case of eczema.

Decreased Level of Humidity

Air conditioners decrease the level of humidity in the air. Air conditioning can easily dry the air in a room out, leading to dry, dehydrated skin. In the event that someone is having an eczema flare up, this can make symptoms much worse. Thankfully, there is a very simple solution. If there isn't any moisture in the air, you simply create some with a great quality humidifier. We previously took a look at the best humidifiers for eczema sufferers. Choose whichever humidifier you believe will best help you defeat the lack of humidity in a safe and eczema-friendly way.

Allergens from Outside Entering the Home

The second issue is that air conditioners are bringing air from the outside in. Depending on the season, this air could be full of allergens such as pollen. If your eczema child suffers from hay fever (and there is a good chance of this as the conditions are related), this could trigger an allergic reaction. In certain cases, even allergic dermatitis. Air conditioners are already power intensive enough, just blowing cold air, they rarely have complex air filtration systems (aside from a simple mesh filter that only catches larger particulates). The solution is to invest in a good quality HEPA air purifier. A HEPA filter is an advanced filtration device that catches even the tiniest of allergens and irritants in the air, filtering them out. Fantastic for getting rid of smells, they are also excellent at making sure there is nothing in the air that could cause an eczema flare-up or allergic reaction. Simply buy a HEPA air purifier powerful enough for the size of the room that is being air-conditioned. Plug it in beside the AC, and rest assured that the air in the room will be safe for your eczema child.

If your eczema child’s room is being air conditioned at night and you are worried about dry skin, this can be solved with Wet Wrap Therapy. Use an Eczema-Safe Ointment and the Eczema Rescue Suit or other Eczema Clothing. Your eczema child’s skin will be protected and moisturized through the night by the Eczema Wrap while the air conditioning keeps them cool and comfortable.

Air conditioning can be a blessing, even for those with eczema. Overheating and sweat can act as eczema triggers as well, and AC can help prevent both. If you notice your eczema child, or yourself, having flare-ups when you turn on the AC in the summer, try turning on the humidifier and air purifier as well. You might discover that your symptoms start to vanish. Along with oppressive summer heat.

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