Connect with Eczema Experts and Others in the Eczema Community

Connect with Eczema Experts and Others in the Eczema Community

Elizabeth Scott

Do you feel alone in your suffering with eczema?  Fear not! The National Eczema Association’s Eczema Expo 2018, NEA’s conference and kids camp is coming up this summer June 21 – 24th in Chicago! If you’ve attended one of the National Eczema Association’s expos you know it’s the best place to learn from the world’s leading eczema experts! The kids’ camp is a wonderful place for children with eczema to have fun and make friends helping them not feel so alone in their suffering. One of the best parts of attending this expo for adults and kids is meeting others in the eczema community.

The NEA’s website describes the conference as: “National Eczema Association’s Eczema Expo is a 4-day gathering for the eczema community, uniting patients, caregivers, and medical and industry professionals. Expo ‘18 will focus on empowering people with eczema to live their best life, with an emphasis on eczema foundations, holistic health and wellness, and advocacy.”

Below is a list of highlights from the NEA website:

  • Learn from world-renowned experts about advances in eczema care and how they’ll affect you.
  • Connect with other eczema warriors who “get it.”
  • Reclaim your quality of life with eczema.
  • Enjoy a long weekend on the banks of the picturesque Chicago River.

Both owners of AD RescueWear have attended a few of the past NEA events and they are always very well done. These conferences are invaluable and such a huge gift to the eczema community. The experts are accessible and easy to talk with. We don’t know of another place where eczema sufferers can hear from top experts in the field, learn tips and tools for managing eczema and have all of your eczema questions answered. There's also a vendor expo with products to help make life with eczema easier. We hope you attend and if you have any questions please visit the National Eczema Association's website.

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