Childhood Eczema an Inspiration for a Scientist's Success

Childhood Eczema an Inspiration for a Scientist's Success

Jennie Lyon

Childhood Eczema an Inspiration for a Scientist’s Success

Everyone worries about their children’s future, especially when they suffer from some kind of illness or disability. Parents of eczema children worry that the condition won’t clear up as they get older, or that it will get even worse. Some worry that their children aren’t going to be able to live normal lives. Well, we have found a story for you about a young woman who used her childhood eczema as a springboard to great things!

The article tells the story of Dr. Guo Hulli. When she was a teenager, she suffered from severe eczema, to the point where she would scratch her skin until she bled. Hulli started to research her condition, to see if there was any way of minimizing the symptoms or even curing them (basically what we are all searching for). She discovered, of course, that there are only ways of managing eczema and that there was no cure. This frustration drove her to follow the path of scientific and medical research.

Today, she’s considered to be one of the leading researchers in the field of RNA translations. At the young age of 33, she received the Young Scientist Award. Although she doesn’t study eczema for a living, she does hope that someday she will be able to turn her formidable intelligence towards the problem.

Her current research is focused on viral infections. The article explains that when a cell is infected by a virus, the virus shuts down most of the cell’s normal functions. The RNA that escapes being shut down are probably necessary parts that the virus needs to survive. Her hope is that this will reveal weak spots in the virus that researchers can focus on. Dr. Hulli is a rising star in the world of virus research, and it is all because she suffered from eczema as a young woman.

The moral to her story is this: we never know how we will react to childhood trauma when we grow up. Although we as parents worry, and understandably so, we have to recognize that our children can be incredibly resilient. Often, more resilient than adults. As they grow up, they will process the experiences of eczema in ways that we can’t guess. And you never know, they might just channel their experience in a way that will lead them to greatness, just like Dr. Hulli!


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