Better Bedding Options for Eczema

Better Bedding Options for Eczema

Elizabeth Scott

Can a new pair of sheets help your nighttime itching? If you or your child suffers with eczema you already know that nighttime is one of the worst times for itching. This is partly attributed to the secretion of cortisol which is the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory hormone. Cortisol is at its highest level in the morning and the lowest level at night. Heat and sweating can also be eczema triggers. So, could using a different pair of sheets help with all of this imbalance and decrease your nighttime itching?

The key to finding great bedding when you suffer from eczema is to look for breathable, lightweight and smooth fabrics. There are studies that indicate the skin loses more water at night, which can make skin drier and more susceptible to irritation such as scratchy fabrics. We did a bit of research and found some good options that may promote a better night’s sleep.

Bedding for sensitive and eczema skin we found ranges from a great pair of quality organic sheets to the only FDA class I medical sheets certified for extremely sensitive skin. At AD RescueWear we love TENCEL®/lyocell as our Wrap-E-Soothe clothing for eczema are made from this great eco-friendly and super smooth fiber. We searched for a good pair of TENCEL® sheets, and we found some you may want to try and even decided to carry one brand at our on-line store.

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Sheet Options for Sensitive and Eczema Skin:

AD RescueWearTencel®/lyocell sheets specifically for eczema and sensitive skin available at– These are the ultimate sheets for eczema and sensitive made with 100% Tencel® fiber that are dye and chemical free. Tencel® is itch suppressing, moisture wicking and one of the softest fabrics in the world.

Lyocell and Cotton Luxury Sheets available from Mission: Allergy – These are a blend of Tencel®/lyocell and per the website, “They have a superior combination of softness, strength, breathability and feel. You will love them!”

Bella Note Linens, offered at online retailer Lavender Fields, has a custom made 100% Tencel crib sheet available in three dreamy neutral colors.

Tips for promoting a good night’s sleep:

  • Wash your sheets before using with a gentle FREE and CLEAR detergent and make sure to do a second rinse to get rid of all detergent residue. Never use a fabric softer or dryer sheets.
  • Wash sheets regularly - at least once a week in hot water.
  • Maintain your usual nighttime cleansing and moisturizing routine before bed.

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