Best Eczema Treatment: Hand Eczema, Your Child, And School

When your child with hand eczema (or eczema anywhere) goes to day care, school or camp, you don’t have the same control over his or her environment as you do at home. However, there are still plenty of things you can do to provide the best eczema treatment possible for your child to prevent itchy flares and other problems when he or she is out of the house. Follow these tips and check out our eczema treatment gloves for children for effective hand eczema treatment.

Check Out The Facility First

Make sure the day care, school or camp you choose for your child has a caring and experienced staff, as this will make them more likely to listen to your concerns about your child’s hand eczema. Take a tour of the facility and check to see that there aren’t any obvious irritants. For example, make sure there isn’t a lot of plush carpeting or a ton of stuffed toys which can harbor dust mites. Ask if the facility is cleaned and vacuumed each day to help keep dust at bay.

Send Your Own Products With Your Child

Most places these days require kids to wash their hands quite often to avoid spreading germs. This frequent hand washing can cause an eczema flare and your child may come home with dry, cracked and peeling skin. This can be avoided by bringing your child's own gentle hand wash and moisturizer. Remind your child and the teacher or counselor to put a moisturizer such as Vaniply on immediately after washing hands. A barrier ointment or cream such as this can help to protect your child's hands from the frequent washing and other irritants they may come in contact with. We even suggest sending them with their eczema treatment gloves and instructions for their teachers if their eczema is bad enough. They can wear them during crafts if needed and if they are small, nap time is a great time for vaniply and gloves.

Talk To The School Or Day Care

Don’t wait for a problem to arise. At AD RescueWear, we have a lot of experience with our own children's hand eczema and we suggest being proactive with your child and his or her new environment. Talk to the teachers and the nurse on staff ahead of time to ensure they know about your child’s eczema and allergies and provide written instructions. Make sure they know what signs and symptoms to look for and that they have all the supplies and medicines needed to treat your child right away if a flare occurs.

Preventing flares at school, day care, and camp starts at home with good skin care. Establish a good routine at home and it will be easier for your child to help themselves when away from you. A good routine includes gentle cleansing and apply a moisturizing cream or ointment right away on your child's damp skin and for added protection use AD RescueWear's eczema treatment gloves. Best wishes!