Being Social With Eczema

Being Social With Eczema

Jennie Lyon

Is there anything worse than getting a bad eczema flare up before a social event you were looking forward to attending?

It might be a birthday, dinner party, or a wedding (Heck, maybe even YOUR wedding). Eczema doesn’t care about your social calendar. It can strike at the most inconvenient times and there is very little that you can do about it. If you have red, itchy, or painful skin, you might not want to leave the house because it may be uncomfortable. If you have a very visible flare up, on your face and neck for example, then you might not want to go out because you feel self-conscious. How can you be social when you are going through an eczema flare up?


If you are feeling self-conscious about your flare up, you can always use makeup to minimize the appearance of your red, irritated skin.

Some believe that they should avoid putting makeup on when they are in the middle of a flare up because it could further irritate the skin. Although this isn’t a bad suggestion, it isn’t completely cut and dry. Eczema affects everyone in different ways, and your skin might be able to handle makeup just fine during a flare up. The secret is to make sure that every product that you are putting on your skin is certified to be eczema-safe. All of your makeup should be chemical- and fragrance-free. Mineral makeup is usually excellent for people who have skin conditions. Before you apply anything, make sure you put on a layer of Eczema-Safe Ointment to keep your skin moisturized. Don’t apply too much makeup, a little can go a long way with eczema coverage.

Handling Self-Consciousness

Many people who experience bad flare ups often feel like others are staring at them. If you are going into a social situation, this awareness of others can make you feel awkward and self-conscious.

You can handle this in a few different ways. You could just plow ahead, realizing that you are a fantastic person who has a common skin condition and if anyone is staring, then that is their problem. Alternatively, if you are talking to someone and they appear uncomfortable, you could bring it up by saying, “I wish my eczema was doing better tonight.” Mind you, educating others about your skin condition isn’t your responsibility, but bluntly addressing it can often be the easiest way of cutting through any awkwardness.

Wear Eczema Clothing Under Your Evening Wear

One of the best things about our Eczema Clothing is that it is so thin and light that you can wear pieces underneath your evening wear. If you have eczema on your feet or around your joints, our adult Eczema Socks or Eczema Sleeves might be perfect to relieve your discomfort in a very discrete way. Simply apply an Eczema-Safe Ointment to those areas prior to putting on the eczema wraps. This is a variation of Wet Wrap Therapy called Dry Wrap Therapy. Although not as effective as Wet Wrap Therapy, it can help with any pain or itchiness, keeping the skin moisturized while you are out having a great time.

Going Out When You Have an Eczema Child

Of course, maybe you aren’t the one with eczema. If you have an eczema child, they might be going through a bad flare up when you have a social event planned. Should you cancel and stay home?

That is, of course, totally up to you. If you can find a babysitter you trust, perhaps one of your parents or other family members, you might be able to leave your eczema child in their safe hands. Just make sure that you teach them everything about Wet Wrap Therapy and putting your child into their Eczema Rescue Suit before bed. In fact, it might be worth recording your entire pre-bed eczema routine on your smartphone so you have a copy to show babysitters exactly what they need to do.

Having an active social life and having eczema should not be in any way be mutually exclusive. If your child is experiencing a flare up, you could go to a trusted babysitter to help with with their bedtime Wet Wrap Therapy. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your eczema, you can use some light makeup to cover it (yes, even men!) If you feel like the “elephant in the room” because everyone is looking at your eczema without saying anything, you could just address it yourself. You could wear eczema wraps under your clothes to keep areas of irritation calmed and comfortable. What’s important is that you never let eczema rule your life! 

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