Battle Eczema with Omega-3 Fats.

Battle Eczema with Omega-3 Fats.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Minimize Eczema from the Inside-Out.

There are two ways people suffer from eczema. The first is the itch. The itch in eczema can be so intense it can feel like poison ivy. This can be miserable for the sufferer. The second is the aesthetic side of eczema. Eczema can be unsightly with skin that is red, cracked, peeling, scaling, oozing and sometimes bleeding causing sufferers to feel self-conscious.  Unfortunately this can also cause social withdrawal and feelings of depression. The symptoms of eczema are real and the disease needs to be taken seriously.

Omaga-3 Fats may help you battle eczema from the inside out. Often, dry skin may be a sign that you need additional Omega-3 Fats in your diet.

Do you have smooth hands or rough cracked hands? Are other areas of your skin dry or cracked? Try more Omega-3 Fats. Omega-3 Fats help your skin cells to stay hydrated which keeps your skin barrier strong and full of moisture to protect you from bacteria and allergens (irritants) entering your body. Your skin is your biggest organ and keeping it healthy is essential for good health. It also minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections.

Eczema is a common symptom of fatty-acid deficiency. Another benefit of Omega-3 fats is the anti-inflammatory properties that can calm inflamed eczema and help healing. Low levels of Omega-3 fat is common in the United States.

How to get Omega-3 fat in your diet?

Consume wild salmon weekly and don’t throw out the oil at the bottom of the pan. Spoon it over your salmon with fresh lemon or lime and a little salt.

You can also visit your local health food store and ask for an Omega-3 fat supplement from krill oil.

You can also consume sardines, anchovies and herring.  Many do not find these types of fish enjoyable to consume.  If so, an Omega-3 fat supplement and wild salmon is easy and very beneficial.

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