Bathing and Moisturizing with Eczema.

Bathing and Moisturizing with Eczema.

Anne Fairchild McVey

How You Bathe or Shower and Moisturize with Eczema Can be as Important as Using Your Prescription Medication.

Daily skin maintenance with eczema is extremely important. Eczema sufferers should never skip bathing and moisturizing no matter how busy the schedule. The process is very simple. If done at night, a dry or damp wrap can be applied before bed for soothing anti-itch help and to keep the emollients in place for optimum penetration and can make it less messy.  Skipping daily skin maintenance can cause an eczema flare or make the existing eczema worse.

It is important to bathe or shower daily to rinse off potential allergens that can trigger or aggravate eczema. If spending time outdoors, rinsing off after coming in doors can prevent an eczema flare. Also, sweat can aggravate eczema so rinsing off after exercise can also be very helpful.

Tools for Bathing and Moisturizing:

  • 1. Tub or shower
  • 2. A clean towel
  • 3. An emollient
  • 4. An approved eczema shampoo and body soap
  • 5. Prescription medication
  • 6. An eczema wrap or cotton clothing/pajamas.

The Bath or Shower Step: Use lukewarm water. Hot water can strip the skin of natural emollients. Also, hot water can aggravate eczema and dry it out. Sit in the tub or stand in the shower for at least 10 minutes.  Try this free and clear eczema cleanser that is free of eczema irritants.

Moisturize: Once you have completed your bath or shower, pat dry with a clean towel and immediately apply an emollient. The emollient should be applied liberally. You cannot overdose on an emollient. Vaniply is a wonderful emollient for eczema. For eczema skin care you can trust visit

Apply Prescription Medication: Apply your prescription medication to the eczema or inflamed skin. Make sure to follow the directions on the medication. Do not use more than you need.

Apply an Eczema Wrap or Cotton Clothing or Pajamas: This will help keep the emollient and prescription medications in place for optimum absorption. It will also be less messy. A specialty medical eczema wrap is designed to make this a comfortable experience and some eczema wraps are anti-itch. Cotton is the next option as cotton is breathable. For dye, zinc and chemical free eczema wraps visit

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