Back to School: Packing an Eczema Kit

Back to School: Packing an Eczema Kit

Lana Lindstrom

It’s that time of year again! As much as we may look forward to, or dread, school is right around the corner and that can be a troublesome time for children with eczema. Children are often embarrassed and teased at school because of their eczema, so this kit will minimize flares and control eczema while being in a new environment. Teach your child the importance of a healthy routine to treat eczema in a positive way. You can even decorate the eczema kit together to best fit their interests!

Packing an Eczema Kit

If your child has a flare at school, an eczema kit will help keep them prepared! This kit can be stored in their lockers, with the classroom teacher, or the school nurse. AD RescueWear is here to help create the best kit. The list below is a general idea of what your child might need on a day-to-day basis with eczema. It is encouraged to add additional items to best fit your child’s needs.

  • Eczema Emollient-This will help with heat and itchiness. By applying an emollient during the day, flares are less likely to continue. Simple and effective eczema emollients can be found here. It is free from synthetics and fragrance. The tube is small and easily fits in a kit, desk or locker.
  • Rubber gloves-This can be of assistance when your child needs help from a teacher or nurse on the go.
  • Eczema Clothing-Adding an extra shirt or sleeve into the eczema kit can offer great relief to your child while at school. Covering the affected area with an emollient and then wearing eczema clothing overtop will limit flares and itching. TENCEL® eczema clothing, sleeves and gloves for children can be purchased here.
  • Emergency Contact Info-A small flashcard with additional numbers in case of emergency is always a good idea!
  • A book about eczema for kids that makes them feel they are not alone is great for school. Here is a wonderful kids book about managing eczema.  I have eczema - so what

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Additional Tips

  • Talk to your child's teacher and school nurse and educate them on eczema and your child's needs.
  • Ask to give a presentation on eczema to the class and emphasize that it is not contagious.
  • Emphasize the importance of washing hands while at school, it eliminates bacteria and minimizes the hand-eczema itch. Immediately apply an eczema emollient and gloves after washing hands or using a hand sanitizer. Have your child use an alcohol free hand sanitizer.
  • Eczema Medication-Give any medication to the nurse or teacher. School policy may prohibit your child from carrying medication in their lockers.
  • While gathering things to add to an eczema kit, get 1-2 extra of each item to make an additional kit for overnight stays, vacations, or use individual items to refill when the others run out.

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