Baby eczema: 5 tips for relief without steroids.

Baby eczema: 5 tips for relief without steroids.

Lana Lindstrom

1. Bathing

Bathing is essential to heal eczema naturally and there are many different types of baths designed for eczema relief. It is also essential to use bathing products that will help your baby and not worsen their eczema. This liquid cleanser is ideal for baby baths. It is effective, yet gentle on eczema and skin. This dermatologist recommended cleanser is also formulated with no harmful chemicals, dyes, or fragrances. For a more personalized bathing experience, Read this article on different eczema baths that bring relief, including coconut oil and apple cider vinegar baths.

2. Moisturizing

After hydrating the skin with a bath, apply a thick moisturizer or salve to affected areas to lock in moisture and treat eczema. This salve is specially formulated for stubborn baby eczema and can also be used as a diaper rash solution. The all natural ingredients make it ideal for babies and moms. Find it here. Another recommended moisturizer is Ora’s Amazing Herbal Touchy Skin Salve, when used twice per day it can effectively heal eczema and protect the skin from future infections. This salve can be used on all ages and is especially beneficial for those with extra-sensitive skin. It can be found here.

3. Eczema clothing

Eczema clothing is most effective when worn overnight, following a bath and moisturizing. Eczema clothing seals the moisturizer and holds it in place. Some eczema clothing includes chemical fibers weaved into the fabric which can further irritate eczema, especially in an infant. When searching for eczema clothing, be sure to find clothing with Tencel® fabric that is dye, zinc and chemical free. AD RescueWear Tencel® does not include these harmful chemicals, it has strong anti-itch properties, and is ultra-soft. Find your Tencel® eczema clothing relief for all ages here.

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4. Laundry

The clothing, sheets and towels a baby uses will impact the condition of their eczema. Different fabrics and detergents can cause flares and irritation. As a general guideline, follow these steps.

  1. Wash all clothes, towels, and sheets in hot water to kill bacteria.
  2. Use a free and clear laundry detergent.
  3. Always do an extra rinse cycle.

For additional information and instructions on eczema-sensitive laundry care, check out this article.

5. Remove dust from the bedroom

With developing lungs, dust content in the bedroom is not ideal for a baby. A baby with eczema exposed to dust can trigger flares and make eczema symptoms worse. Dust mites are able to enter the body through the cracked, scaled, or patched skin eczema often causes. Symptoms from dust mites eczema causes inflammation, redness and itchiness. To remove dust from the bedroom you can cover the mattress with a dust mite mattress protector and purchase a vacuum with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air and picks up 99.97% of all particles. For more tips for dust removal and prevention, check out this helpful article. 

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