Allergy Friendly Travel: Top Travel Tips for Hotels, Resorts and Airlines

Allergy Friendly Travel: Top Travel Tips for Hotels, Resorts and Airlines

Elizabeth Scott

Eczema sufferers usually suffer with allergies too, either food or environmental. Suffering with eczema and allergies can make summer travel more complicated. One way to make it easier is knowing the allergy policy of the hotel chain, resort and airline.  Knowing how the company considers their allergy suffering customers is your first step in planning a stress-free vacation. It’s not just the menu you may be concerned with but also dust mites in the bedding and the air quality of the room. If you’re traveling by air, you'll want to know if peanuts are served on the flight and if you're able to pre-board to wipe down your tray and seat or sit in a “nut-free” buffer zone. Below we list some resources to help you plan your summer travel.

Resources for Traveling with Allergies:

  • Palladium Hotels and Resorts: This company currently has 14 all-inclusive Grand Palladium Resorts & Spas in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit and the Riviera Maya as well as in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Spain and Brazil. Each resort has a menu service to cater to individuals with food allergies. Guests fill out a form about their allergies at check in. The chefs and the food prep staff have been professionally trained in the preparation of gluten-free and Type 2 diabetes diets and seven other common allergy/special diets: nuts; fruits and vegetables; seafood; egg; dairy and lactose; fish; and monosodium glutamate.
  • Allergy Friendly PURE® Room: Rooms treated with the PURE® 7-step process are available at these well-known hotel chains throughout many areas of the US: Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton and Marriot. A PURE® hotel room comes equipped with state-of-the-art air-filtration system, hypoallergenic mattress and pillow encasements and a tea tree oil diffuser, all of which help maintain sanitized conditions. An invisible bacteriostatic barrier is installed to repel mold, viruses and bacteria for up to six months when the room will be tested and treated for recertification. For more information on the 7-step process visit the PURE® website where you can search by your travel date and destination for PURE® rooms.
  • Disney World Resorts: Ask for a “full allergy cleaning” of your room, call Walt Disney World guest services to have your allergies listed on your dining reservations, 5 days before your arrival call your specific WDW hotel and request hypoallergenic bedding and towels.
  • Don't forget to bring along copies of your Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan. The FARE website has chef cards you can download and many other tips for traveling with food allergies. If you're traveling to a foreign country make sure you know how to pronounce your alleries in the foreign language.