Allergy Friendly Pumpkin Pie that Tastes like Mom's.

Allergy Friendly Pumpkin Pie that Tastes like Mom's.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Milk Free, Gluten Free, and Egg Free Pumpkin Pie for the Holidays.

Are you an allergic family?  We have two here at AD RescueWear.  It can be stressful accommodating an allergy, especially if it's life threatening.  We want you to enjoy your holiday with your family.  As an eczema company, we know that ingesting your allergen is not only dangerous, it can also cause an eczema flare.  It's not worth it.  But you also don't need to deprive yourself.  Just be smart and do your homework.  With a little planning and elbow grease you can enjoy all the flavors of the holiday season.  We will be featuring allergy friendly holiday fare weekly through the New Year.  This Blog is on Pies.  Don't skip the Pumpkin Pie this Holiday!  Try this allergy friendly Pumpkin Pie that tastes like Mom's.


2 cups canned pumpkin (we recommend Farmers Market) 

3/4 cup organic brown sugar, packed
1 1/2 cups water
6 1/2 Tbsp cornstarch

1 pie crust that is safe for your allergy.  We recommend you try this easy recipe.  Allergy friendly, ready made crusts are hard to find. (

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. In a medium sized saucepan mix the pumpkin, sugar, water and cornstarch. Stir over medium heat until mixture starts to slowly thicken, continually stirring. Pour mixture into pie crust. Bake 30 minutes until firm.

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