AD RescueWear - Superior Anti-Itch Fabric for Eczema Sufferers.

AD RescueWear - Superior Anti-Itch Fabric for Eczema Sufferers.

Most Important – Children LOVE our Ultra Soft Fabric for wet wrap therapy, dry wrap therapy and as anti-itch undergarments for their sensitive eczema skin.

Please watch our new video on why our fabric is superior for eczema and sensitive skin.

The Wrap-E-Soothe eczema garments are the only eczema clothing in the world made with eczema soothing TENCEL® fabric which has many proven benefits for eczema.

In Summary:

Wet Wrap Therapy - our fabric retains 50% more moisture than cotton for extremely effective wet wrap therapy. The perfect amount of spandex is added to allow for a close fit rather than a baggy, loose and uncomfortable one with cotton. Most eczema wet wrap therapy clothing is made with cotton, viscose and elastane which eczema children find scratchy and uncomfortable when wet.

Wrap-E-Soothe garments are also great worn dry as ultra soft, anti-itch undergarments and as a protection layer to prevent harmful scratching.

Not only is our fabric one of the softest in the world, our garments have other anti-itch features such as flat seams and exterior tags that avoid further irritation that are caused by traditional garments. Inside tags can aggravate already irritated eczema skin. You can cut the tag off a garment but unless you actually take it out with the threads, it will continue to irritate the child’s inflamed skin. Our full body suit and pants have enclosed feet and our top and suit have hand covers to treat little eczema hands and prevent scratching. Further, our full body suit has no entry points for scratching. The Wrap-E-Soothe Suit is the only one of its kind in the world and all products have patents pending.

Here are important features of our TENCEL® fabric:

  • Clothing made from TENCEL® is very kind to the skin, as they help maintain the balance of natural skin bacteria. Tests have shown that the growth of bacteria on TENCEL® is greatly reduced on the fabric compared to cotton or other synthetic fabrics.
  • TENCEL® fabrics are strong in both dry and wet conditions which makes them ideal for use in wet wrap therapy. Other eczema clothing companies manufacture using cotton, viscose and elastane. These fabrics can feel rough to an eczema sufferer’s skin. Under a microscope the TENCEL® fiber is much smoother than a cotton fiber.
  • Regular cotton clothing or pajamas get heavy, baggy, cold and uncomfortable when wet. Unlike regular cotton clothing, our TENCEL® garments are intentionally thin and lightweight for comfortable wet wrap therapy. In addition, we blend a small amount of spandex into the fabric for a close fit for effective wet wrap therapy.
  • TENCEL® has a moisture wicking effect that feels cool and can stop the itch for the child during treatment.
  • TENCEL® has thermo regulating properties and is breathable, making it the best fabric for children with eczema/atopic dermatitis. Heat can aggravate eczema, so the breathable cooling/wicking feature of TENCEL® provides comfort to heat aggravated eczema.
  • TENCEL® is eco-friendly and one of the most sustainable fibers. TENCEL® is Oeko-Tex Standard100 certified (tested for harmful substances and free of hazardous chemicals).
  • TENCEL® fabric has excellent water retention qualities making the wet wrap therapy process in AD RescueWear products extremely effective. TENCEL® fabric is lighter and much softer than cotton and holds more water than cotton. TENCEL® can hold 50% more moisture than cotton.
  • TENCEL® fabric has many qualities beneficial for wet wrap therapy, dry wrap therapy and as anti-itch undergarments for eczema skin. The soft and smooth feel of the fabric can make the wet wrap therapy and dry wrap therapy experience comfortable and enjoyable for the child which has not been the case with the traditional process of using cotton clothing or traditional gauze.
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