AD RescueWear Spotlighted in the New York Times!

AD RescueWear Spotlighted in the New York Times!

Jennie Lyon

If you can make it in New York (Times), you can make it anywhere!

Every now and then, we like to draw your attention towards a blog or newspaper article highlighting the fight against eczema. And this week, boy, do we have a doozy for you! It’s all about… us!


The New York Times recently did a story about Eczema Clothing, featuring the story of AD RescueWear’s founder, Elizabeth Scott. From her beginnings as an interior designer with no clothing design experience, Elizabeth set out to create a garment that is perfectly customized to keep eczema children from scratching in their sleep, while also facilitating Wet Wrap Therapy. Obviously, she succeeded!

Elizabeth first discovered Wet Wrap Therapy when her son, Harrison, was a baby suffering from severe eczema. Wet Wrap Therapy works by essentially locking moisture into the skin overnight using a therapy garment. When she first discovered Wet Wrap Therapy, Elizabeth had to use heavy, cotton wraps, which became damp, cold, and baggy, losing contact with the skin. As any parent can imagine, trying to wrap a squirming, ointment covered infant into damp, heavy, cotton clothes is… tricky. By developing the Eczema Rescue Suit, Elizabeth created a garment that can easily be put on, would keep the fabric in close contact with the skin, and remain soft and soothing even when damp.

Wet Wrap Therapy can be applied to any child, or adult, who suffers from eczema. First, you give your eczema child a bath in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes. Take them out, gently pat them dry, and then apply an Eczema-Safe Skin Ointment to help moisturize their skin. After it is applied, gently dampen your Eczema Rescue Suit before putting it on your eczema child. After they are wearing it, you simply apply a layer of warmer clothes overtop of the Eczema Rescue Suit, to keep them at a comfortable temperature overnight.

So, what makes the Eczema Rescue Suit so incredibly comfortable on eczema children's skin? It’s made of a New Age Fiber called Tencel®. It’s one of the softest fabrics in the world, had natural anti-itch and anti-bacterial properties, and, unlike cotton, will remain close to the skin throughout the night. Tencel® also has superior moisture absorbency, allowing it to absorb and keep 50% more moisture than cotton eczema wraps. The full body coverage means that there will also be Tencel® “mittens” at the hands of the suit, preventing little fingers from scratching their eczema raw. Our Eczema Clothing made from Tencel® are the only eczema wraps of their kind on the market today.

Since we debuted the Eczema Rescue Suit on the market, we’ve branched out, creating a number of other products designed to allow eczema children get a good night’s sleep.

While the Eczema Rescue Suit was designed for babies, we recognize that children much older can also suffer from debilitating eczema. That’s why we created the Wrap-E-Soothe Tops and Bottoms for Eczema. This “pants” and “shirt” combo given the exact same coverage as the Eczema Rescue Suit, just for older kids.

If you have an eczema child who gets localized flare ups, you probably don’t want to have to put them into a full Eczema Rescue Suit every night. That’s why we offer a number of smaller pieces of Eczema Clothing, to give them the coverage they need! Our Eczema Socks, Eczema Gloves, and Eczema Sleeves will allow you to do localized Wet Wrap Therapy on the areas that need it.

And hey, adults get eczema too! If you suffer from eczema yourself, we also offer adult versions of our Eczema Socks, Eczema Gloves, and Eczema Sleeves.

Although there are some other brands of eczema clothing out on the market, AD RescueWear is the only company that has a “certificate of acceptance” from the National Eczema Association, showing that we’ve gone through clinical safety testing on all of our products.

Here at AD RescueWear, we are absolutely delighted that about the spotlight put on our Eczema Clothes by the New York Times. We are a small business completely dedicated to helping eczema children and their parents cope and, hopefully, improve their quality of life. This article helps us get closer to that goal. We will continue to innovate, releasing new products designed to treat eczema, making it more of an annoyance than a debilitating condition. We know what it’s like to go through the pain of having an eczema child, and that is why we are here to help.