A Parent’s Eczema Nightmare

Jennie Lyon

Parent’s Eczema Nightmare

Eczema can be a nightmare for both child and parent, especially when the child is a baby. When they’re very small and have eczema flare ups, there’s no way for them to understand that they shouldn’t scratch. They don’t understand about the possibility of infection. All the infant knows is that it itches and that it hurts. That level of helplessness can be tough to imagine for people who haven’t experienced it themselves. Even a very mild case of eczema can be incredibly difficult to deal with…

And then there is the nightmare of a worst-case scenario. Just a warning, this next section may be upsetting to parents who have gone through a similar situation as the one described.

We came across a story in The Daily Mail by Daniel Peters: "Baby girl's eczema on her face is so severe she wears mittens to stop her scratching until she bleeds - but her furious mother is told by doctors she will have to wait a YEAR for treatment."

It’s one of those moving stories that we often come across.

For the first seven weeks of Kelsey Dean’s life, she seemed like a completely healthy child. But after her mother, Alexandra, noticed a tiny red mark on her cheek, everything changed. Soon, Kelsey’s neck and face flared up with eczema so bad that blood blisters formed on her skin. Unable to understand what was happening, she had to wear mittens all of the time or she would tear and scratch at her skin, causing heavy bleeding. Even with the mittens, her mother actually had to resort to pinning the baby to herself at night to prevent Kelsey from rubbing at her face. Once, after being left in her crib for only three minutes, Alexandra returned to find Kelsey had torn off her scabs, covering her clothes and sheets in blood.

The article explains that despite seeing multiple GPs and specialists, nothing seemed to help Kelsey. Moisturizers were suggested but seemed to do nothing to help heal her skin. She was finally admitted to the hospital with a staph infection and was prescribed antibiotics. They helped in the short term, but soon Kelsey’s skin was as bad as ever. After being told that Kelsey would have to wait twelve months to see a dermatologist specialist, Alexandra was at a loss of what to do.

This particular article ends with some good news. Thankfully, friends referred Alexandra to a South African dermatologist. The treatment he’s prescribed is having a calming effect on Kelsey’s eczema, allowing her to live pain free— for now at least. The treatment is expensive and her family was struggling financially to maintain it but an online funding campaign has enabled them to continue the treatment without financial worry.

This is the nightmare scenario for many parents; being unable to do anything to help your child when they are in pain is one of the toughest things a parent can go through. The good news is that there seem to be new treatments on the horizon, and eczema management options are better than ever before. Rescue suits, along with wet wrap therapy, can work wonders for small children dealing with constant flare ups. Steroidal creams can be incredibly effective in treating eczema short term. Learning your child’s triggers and eliminating them from your home can greatly improve their condition.

For many people, eczema is a frustrating part of life. For some, it can be an absolutely debilitating condition. Either way, know that there is support out there for eczema suffers. You are not alone in this.


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