A Mother's Journey to Manage Her Child's Eczema.

A Mother's Journey to Manage Her Child's Eczema.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Wrapping Eczema After a Warm Bath.

AD RescueWear Interviews April Haney About Successfully Managing Her Child's Eczema.

Please Tell Us What Age Your Child Developed Eczema and the Symptoms?

My son developed eczema about 6 months of age. He had an itchy rash from head to toe and some cracked and bleeding skin as well. 

Please Discuss Your Experience with Your Child’s Doctor and Other Physicians and Who Was Most Helpful?

We first talked to our primary care doctor. He eventually referred us to a dermatologist. We didn't like the first one we saw and chose a different dermatologist. We are still using the 2nd dermatologist. She has taught us a lot about how to help our son, and his skin is the best it's been under her care since he developed eczema. We were also referred to an allergist through our dermatologist and that was very helpful because we learned that our son has severe food allergies. Once we eliminated his allergens, there was marked improvement in his eczema.

What is Your Process of Controlling Your Child’s Eczema? Please Explain What Did and Did Not Work.

We regularly use the AD RescueWear eczema garments as dry clothing/wraps. Our son gets a 3-5 minute baking soda bath, we then apply vaseline and only steroid ointment if needed, then put his AD RescueWear eczema clothing on. He also takes a nightly oral medicine to help with the itching.

Was the AD RescueWear Product/Products Effective in Treating Your Child’s Eczema?

Using the one piece toddler eczema suit has helped tremendously. It helps keep the ointments on his skin so they soak in better, and it also helps keep him from scratching.

Did You Have a Positive or Negative Experience with AD RescueWear?

We have had great success with AD RescueWear!

The above photo is April Haney with her son.

What Future Products Would You Like to See at AD RescueWear?

I would love to see some fingerless gloves that can be used to cover the palm of the hand but leave the fingertips and thumbs accessible for use. My son's hands are often extremely dry and cracked and there is nothing out there to help keep his hand covered, but allow him the use of his fingers. 

How Did You Hear about AD RescueWear?

I heard about AD RescueWear through a few eczema facebook groups.

What is your impression of the AD RescueWear website?

The website is very inviting and user friendly.