A Mom's Successful Journey to Beat Eczema.

A Mom's Successful Journey to Beat Eczema.

Anne Fairchild McVey

AD RescueWear Interviews Naysha Soto about Successfully Managing Her Child's Eczema.

Please tell us what age your child developed eczema and the symptoms?

My daughter Aimara started having really dry skin around the one year old mark when she developed her first allergic reaction to eggs. From that point on her skin was extremely dry, red and itchy to the point of having bruises and infected spots.

Please discuss your experience with your child’s doctor and other physicians and who was most helpful?

I have had two pediatricians and two different allergists go over a million different lotions, steroid creams and multiple changes in diets but it was the AD RescueWear garment that finally provided an actual relief and solution for the eczema flairs

What is your process of controlling your child’s eczema? Please explain what did and did not work.

First, we tried to use mild moisturizers and oatmeal base treatments daily but her skin was so sensitive that it was causing allergic type reactions all over her body, making it more red and itchy.

Then, we had to turn to steroid creams because her skin was so itchy that she was getting really bad bruises and infections. Eventually the steroids needed to be cut because they provided only a temporary relief to the scratching and they would clear-up the skin but then have a much bigger reaction once the steroids were done.

Third, we decided to use mild detergents, water base soaps and petroleum jelly to control the dryness of the skin. It provided results with the dryness but the itching continued to be a problem.

Finally, a combination of petroleum jelly, oatmeal baths, and the AD RescueWear eczema garments for wet wrap therapy provided better control of the eczema flair-ups and the itching, giving her better sleep, and softer skin, and less itchiness. This was a great improvement for my three year old girl.

Was wet wrap therapy with the AD RescueWear product/products effective in treating your child’s eczema?

They were very effective.

How did you hear about AD RescueWear?

My older daughter Aimara suffers from really bad eczema and allergies. Her allergist suggested that she start wet wrap therapy and wrote down the web link for the AD RescueWear products.

Did you have a positive or negative experience with AD RescueWear?

Fortunately the product was amazing, my daughter has had great results with the full body eczema suit.

What future products would you like to see at AD RescueWear?

Maybe some soap alternatives or actual bath products. Its very difficult for people with severe eczema to find actual bathing products that wont dry the skin even more.

Also some face lotion or maybe a face mask. My daughter's face gets extremely dry around her eyes and forehead. A mask with some of the same properties of the other products might provide some solutions.

This is a photo of my two daughters and me.  Aimara is the older little girl and she is three years old.