A Mom's Journey to Control Her Child's Eczema.

A Mom's Journey to Control Her Child's Eczema.

Anne Fairchild McVey

AD RescueWear Interviews Carly Guagenti About Controlling Her Son's Eczema.

Please tell us what age your child developed eczema and the symptoms?

By 6 months my son started showing signs of eczema and allergies. He's had dry itchy skin, red patches, red eyes and rashes. No matter what we put on his skin in the past, it hasn't returned moisture at all.

Please discuss your experience with your child’s doctor and other physicians and who was most helpful? Talking to my son's allergist, she seemed to be the most interested in using these products (AD RescueWear).

What is your process of controlling your child’s eczema? Please explain what did and did not work.

We currently are still battling our son's eczema. We've tried different creams and lotions, the doctors have prescribed cortisone which I am against especially at such a young age. We've also tried keeping him in the bath to absorb more water into his skin. I've even tried cotton leggings to keep him from scratching. All of these have gotten us no where. Truthfully, using cerave lotion and the vaniply ointment with the AD RescueWear sleeves had been our answer. The relief he gets is unbelievable.

Was wet wrap therapy with the AD RescueWear products effective in treating your child’s eczema? 

Yes. Definitely. I tell everyone about them.

How did you hear about AD RescueWear?

While searching the web looking for something to help my son, I found your website.

What is your impression of the AD RescueWear website?

I find the website very easy to navigate. All the information that I want is right there.

Did you have a positive or negative experience with AD RescueWear?

Our experience has been very positive. I purchased the sleeves for my son's legs and they've helped him tremendously. While he's wearing them they give him such relief from his itchy skin.

What future products would you like to see at AD RescueWear?

Infant pants and shirts and socks. My son's feet are horrible.

Carly with her son in the AD RescueWear sleeves for eczema.

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