A British Doctor is Having Incredible Success Treating Stubborn Eczema.

A British Doctor is Having Incredible Success Treating Stubborn Eczema.

Jennie Lyon

Dr. Richard Aron is Having Great Success Treating Stubborn Eczema in Children.

An unusual story has reached us from the UK. Dr. Richard Aron, a doctor whose methods are being shunned by other medical experts in his field, is having incredible results of his treatment of eczema in children and is being widely defended by parents.

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Dr. Aron practices medicine in Britain where five million adults and children are affected by Eczema. Though in 75% of cases, most eczema clears by the time the patient reaches their teens, severe eczema can be completely consuming for the patient and for their family.

Despite the severity of the condition and the extreme way that it controls so many people’s lives, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), in its guidance on this chronic, inflammatory skin disorder, eczema, is “not always recognized by healthcare professionals as being a serious medical condition”.

At 74-years-old, Dr. Aron operates a consultant dermatologist practice in both north London and also South Africa. He specializes in treating atopic eczema. It’s surprising that his reception by other doctor’s is so cool because his therapeutic approach really doesn’t differ much from conventional eczema treatment. However, the results from this slight change in treatment are dramatic.

Dr. Aron has been able to help children whose lives are completely controlled by eczema. These are children and infants who are not sleeping because of the constant itching and whose bodies are completely inflamed and covered in pus. Dr. Aron’s suggested treatment, however, is having an impact, sometimes in as little as 24 hours!

Where oral prescribed antibiotics, steroid cream, and moisturisers are having little effect, where allergens like wheat and dairy and household irritants like detergents and soaps have already been eliminated, it’s the small tweaks in the treatment that Dr. Aron is suggesting that is changing people’s lives.

Dr. Aron’s method is relatively straightforward. He conducts an initial consultation online. A parent or patient sends in photographs and information. Then, the doctor sends a treatment plan including a carefully tailored prescription. Parents have found their children beginning to heal extremely quickly and only a few months later to be virtually eczema-free, even the most severe cases.

Dr. Aron prescribes components that are found in conventionally prescribed childhood eczema treatments including steroids, antibiotics, and moisturizer. The difference lies in a slightly varied delivery method where all three ingredients are contained in one topical mixture. He also adjusts the ratio on an individual basis according to the details provided in the consultation, taking into account the severity of the condition, the patient’s age, and their body mass.

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So why is it that other dermatologists react to Dr. Aron’s methods and results with disinterest, or even scorn? Antibiotics are normally prescribed as a short course and are rarely used for long periods of time because of the risk of antibiotic resistance developing. However, Dr. Aron believes that you need to deliver a topical antibiotic simultaneously along with any oral dosage to combat the bacteria that colonizes in most patients’ skin. His treatment is simple. The cream generally includes 30g of a low-potency steroid cream and 300g of moisturizer, a concentration that may be diluted depending on the age of the child. Cream should be applied up to six times a day and then the application can be reduced over time as the condition improves.

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Research shows that 90% of patients with eczema have a bacterial infection. Dr. Aron does not prescribe antibiotics preventatively, but actively, in order to knock out the bacteria.

Dr. Richard Aron has helped over 4000 eczema sufferers. There is a Facebook group called

Dr. Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group , where you can find parents comparing astounding and joyful notes. In the group, you’ll find photographs that parents post of their children before therapy, contrasted with the resulting fresh, smooth, healed skin.


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